Apple said to be charging $10,000 for iTunes LP production, cutting out indie labels

Engadget: Sure, it may be tough deciding whether to shell out the extra few bucks for a deluxe iTunes LP or not (okay, maybe not that tough), but it looks like that's nothing compared to what record labels are faced with.

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Mr Face Creamer3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

They look attractive and sexy, everybody drools over them, everybody wants them between their hands, but once you get to know them, they find out that they're crazy sons of b****** who believe themselves as a goddesses while they are in fact overrated (overpriced in this case), objects who are after nothing but... Well let's just say money in this case.

You can always just fall in love with that black-haired chick that that has a small price tag on her head and a crap load of personality.(features in this case.)

DR-IVO3386d ago

I find it funny how its all true, but try saying that on to someone who is completly obbessed over Apple products. They know its the truth but they make it sound like its a really good thing and could care less about it because its Apple. But if any other company did the same exact thing people would throw a fit.

walkinghome63386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

A lot of people who don't like Apple don't know anything about their OS at all. I use both Mac OS X.6 and Windows 7 everyday. I can tell you that Windows 7 has come along way and is the best Windows yet, but to say that Mac OS X is over rated is complete bull.

I've asked friends who say they have used both and they don't even know where "System Preferences" are. If you don't know where it is then you haven't used both very long.

Mac OS X comes with all the things that you need right from the get go. You don't have to go download third party software.

Like burning .ISO and .DMGs.

iTunes, Garageband, iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie HD, and iDVD
Those are very very powerful tools to do anything you want. Windows still just gives you Paint, Windows Media Player, and Windows DVD Maker. But comparing that to iLife suit is a joke.

Also Apple computers come with "Quicktime". Which gives you crazy crazy export functions of varying codecs, fame rates, and resolutions.

Also because of Core image, Core Audio, Core Video, and Core Animation it makes it way easier for developers to make really cool software really easy. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can Wikipedia it, cause I don't want to explain.

Quicklook is a crazy feature where you hit the space bar on any file and a window comes up instantly either plays the file or gives you info on it. Images, Audio, Video, PDF and a bunch more. Just Wikipedia Quicklook from Apple it's way cool.

Also one very important fact is that Networking even in Leopard was way way better than even Windows 7. SnowLeopard has decreased the time of connecting and disconnecting of servers even faster. Plus you get one click Remote access over your network. And if you paid for MoblieMe then you can extend that functionality over the internet, which is not just some bull service that works half the time, it just works.

I know a lot people want to make the argument about "there is no games for Mac". Well they fact is there is, but you can also install any Windows you want along side Mac OS X and play all your PC only games too. Which brings me to another point.

A lot of people say "you can't customize a Mac". It can be customized in the same number of ways that Window's machines can. I have a Mac Pro right now crossfired with 2 ATI cards running Windows 7, XP, and Mac OS X. Also Mac OS X can be customized easier than Windows. Since the system folders are right there in the finder for you to access at anytime. You can add and take away from any folder and make it do whatever you want. And last you can add stickers. Hell you can even take it to get laser engraved since they are all aluminum.

One last thing how many computers companies out there make there computer out of aluminum and glass. Most PC companies choose to go with plastic case and a clear plastic for the display. That is one reason they can make there computers cheaper.

The cheapest stock Mac is $599(Mac Mini) and the most expensive is $3,299(Mac Pro). But even at $3,299 to get a Windows computer than outperforms it cost way more.

Ok, I'm done.

samoon3386d ago

Can I haz a MAC Now??

Holy crap dude its awesome from what you've said... I always wanted one but never really knew why, do you work at an Apple store lol!!

You can seriously have 2 operating systems installed at once?? so Like if I want to switch to windows 7 what would I do and vice versa if I'm switching the Mac On/Off?

walkinghome63386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

If you want to install XP, Vista, or Windows 7 on a Mac it's pretty easy. You are gonna need a retail disc of the version of Windows you want to install (not upgrade version), and if you are installing Xp you have to have at least a service pack 2 disc. You can use the Bootcamp (in the utility folder) to guide you through the rest of the way. But if you want a Triple boot system, Bootcamp can't help you. It starts to get a little bit of voodoo in there for that. To boot Windows just hold the "option" key at startup (think of it as having an option) you'll get this screen

Click Windows and it runs like any other machine.

Also check out my site a http://www.vraudioproductio...

All made with iWeb from the iLife suit, and it's pretty sweet.

deno3386d ago

Not fair I am using my mac right now and I love it. I go to school for film and I tell you guys that macs are for prosumers. They are good for architects, film, music, game design. Apple costs more because it gives you more quality software, style, it also has virus protection build in.

walkinghome63386d ago

I didn't even think about that. I've been running with out Virus software since I bought my first Apple machine. I should have put that in my monster post.