The Best Value Console

PS3Informer writes, "Prices have dropped across the board on all 3 consoles. But which of these consoles give you the most bang for your buck? Which system is the best value in town? Let's take a look.

The results of this price analysis yields a surprising winner."

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WildArmed3393d ago

Next comment is gonna yell BIAS

You know.. just know how xbox360insider called Forza 3: BEST RACING GAME EVAAA! lol

But, imo ps3 is officially the best bang for your buck
becaauuseeee it only does everything!

Vicodin3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Not only is the PS3 the obvious best value if you just look at what you get for what you pay, it has been since it launched at 500 and 600 dollars.

500 or 600 dollars when you bought your PS3. Still 500 or 600 dollars ten years later.

Compared to the 400 dollar Xbox 360 that you:

Have to add on 100 bucks for WiFi
50 dollars a year online fees - adding up to 250 dollars extra you're paying
Even something as simple as harddrive upgrades cost effectively double their retail value. Not to mention you are limited to only the one or two drive sizes Microsoft makes.

So you were already paying as much for a weaker console by the first year and even more for the weaker 360 hardware after one year compared to the PS3.

The 299 Slim has just made the value relative to the 360 so glaringly obvious that the mainstream gaming media can no longer pretend it doesn't exist.

There is something seriously wrong with Microsoft and console hardware. Just look at what the PS3 has for 299 compared to what Microsoft has for the same price:

Massively more powerful graphics hardware
Silent cooling system
Internal power supply
Slot loading drive
Blu-Ray drive
HDMI 1.3

Xbox 360
Weaker graphics hardware
Primitive(and ineffective) cooling system
Noisy operation
Large external powerbrick
Old DVD drive
Tray loading drive
No HDMI 1.3
No Bluetooth

tinman_licks3393d ago

It was a pretty fair breakdown of costs for each system. Biased? Maybe. But to me it was speaking the truth. Disagree if you want.

swingingape3393d ago

If you're talking about last gen, it has to be the GameCube! You could find one for 50 bucks at Sears. But even at 100 bucks it was worth it for all the great games like Pikmin and Metroid. Oh and yeah PS3 IS the best value for this gen.

WildArmed3393d ago

I'd bet on Ps2 to be the best value of all time.
Considering the library is full of fantastic games.

WenisWagon3393d ago thinks the PS3 is the best value. Absolutely shocking.

Keep on trying to justify that purchase droids.

deadreckoning6663393d ago

M$ knows PS3 is the best value. If there not smart enough to drop the price ta $250, then I'm not buyin.

Madmax12819803393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

just to put u in ur place:

Massively more powerful graphics hardware( last time i checked the 2 consoles where almost as poweful only with minor differences)

Silent cooling system ( yeah but the ps3 toes get quite loud once the system heats up and im reffering to the older 60gb version)

Internal power supply ( that has its pros and cons. pros no powerpack lying around. cons if it happens to break the whole thing has to be stripped to fix it.)

Slot loading drive ( Nothing wrong with a drawer operated drive. ie pcs dvd players cd players and so on)

Blu-Ray drive (thats the only real upside)

HDMI 1.3 (there aint a real difference between 1.3 and 1.2 well not that i have noticed anyhow)

Bluetooth (not a major issue)

And wait ill add another one to the ps3 list No Hdmi Cable (wait isnt the ps3 hi-def? isnt that one of the ps3s biggest selling points that blu-ray is a hd media so why no hd cable? even the xbox360 came with an hd cable on release it might no have been hdmi equiped but it had an hd component cable. hdmi cables are cheap now im sure they can include one with the ps3 slim?)

Xbox 360
Weaker graphics hardware (again both consoles are about the same)

Primitive(and ineffective) cooling system (I agree the cooling in the 360 aint the best)

Noisy operation (only if u use the dvd drive the console itself aint to bad)

Large external powerbrick (yeah true but if that happens to fail its easy to replace)

Old DVD drive (as far as i remember that old dvd drive is still very popular ie pcs dvd players the wii and partly the ps3)

Tray loading drive ( again also used in pcs dvd players cd players and so forth)

No HDMI 1.3 (no noticable difference between that and 1.2)

No Bluetooth ( not an issue)

No Wi-fi (to be honest i prefer a wired connection as theres no loss of signal so no issue for me)


Um. The Playstation 3 does this:


1)Lower Failure Rates
2)Internal power supply
3)Automatic loading
4)Blu-Ray Movies
5)Blu-Ray Games
6)Blu-Ray Storage capacity
7)Blu-Ray Scratch Resistant Discs
8)HDMI 1.3
9)Optical audio input
10)7.1 Surround Sound
11)7.1 High Definition Sound
12)3D Games
13)Motion Control (Sixaxis)
15)Handheld Support
16)Wider Video File Compatability
17)MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online)
18)No headset standard (Why Xbox Live has too many kids)
19)Wider Hardrive selection
20)Replaceable harddrive
22)Rechareable controllers
23)Free Online (This alone makes the PS3 cheaper)
24)High Quality Headset Support
25)Game Installs (Faster harddrives/better performance)
26)Internet Browser
28)Custom XMB Themes
29)Dynamic XMB Themes
30)Less Advertising
31)Dedicated Online Servers
32)Full Size PSN Game Downloads

I'll just stop there.

SaiyanFury3393d ago

There are several reasons to own both. For the 360, it's not really that much less powerful than PS3. But compare the two systems as HD hubs. The 360 supports 1080p, and Dolby Digital. It can play DVDs, and it has a lot of great games. But no out of the box wireless compatibility. A technology that is pretty cheap to implement.

Now the PS3 offers BD movies, and BD capacity. That means with a dual layer disc, 50GB of space versus 9GB of dual layer DVD capability. Most PS3 games coming offer a DTS 5.1 audio codec while I have yet to see a 360 game with that same offering. BD offers superior capacity like in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which has superior textures and space compared to it's previous 360 Ninja Gaiden 2. The PS3 also has simple media server connectivity. On top of that, the standardised HDD is a big bonus. Add on BlueTooth connectivity for wireless devices. As well as the HDMI 1.3a standard. It's a higher bitrate transfer level than the 360's 1.2 model. The PS3 is the better value. Argue all you want, but Sony includes a complete HD home theatre experience, in both movies and games.

IaMs123392d ago

"In the eye of the beholder" is the best value console.

N4g_null3392d ago

You guys are missing the point and articles like this are doing the same. Sony doesn't need features to win they need to attract people. Attracting the Sony faithful is very easy but no matter most gamers are not that faithful. Sony needs to keep new customers happy.

Sony's weakest point is still their game output. Yes they have great game by Sony fan expectations. Yet what about the true fps fan, what about the games that do not sell off of hype yet off what they provide.

Being capable of doing something is not the same as doing it. On top of that how come fun and challenge and replaybilty are not on that list? I'm not going to debate specs but it has resulted in less games or more games that can not live up to even the xbox version. Then add to the fact no one really wants an xbox right leaves Sony chasing a dead corpse. Sony hurt the hand that feed them by making the chips the way they did just to ensure exsculsives this same thing hurt apple and nintendo back in the day.

Yet you guys continue on like gmc sale man unaware that people only wanted a few things that are embarasing since the feature list is so long. Just like moives few are bought to be replayed simply because they lack the key feature fun.

I'm not writing this to bash but seriously sony's fans are sending the wrong message to them. If ps3 owners where having so much fun then they wouldn't need to prove sales are argue about what is better.

Seriouly a laptop still makes a better HD gaming platform than the consoles right. Simple because Sony and ms have a hard time out shining their 3rd parties

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tinman_licks3393d ago

It was pretty smart of Sony to combine a new SLIM version of the console AND lower the price as well. It's like getting better technology for a lower value. How often does that happen with Nintendo's many versions of GameBoy or DS? Sadly, they should have done the same with PSP Go!

swingingape3393d ago

For every right move Sony makes with PS3, it takes two steps backward with PSP Go! Better luck next time with PSP-2

WildArmed3393d ago

1 for PS3
-1 for psp
but w/e.
I loves my psp go

Ron_Burgundy3393d ago

the PS3 of course because of the wireless in the PS3 and has HDMI 1.3 which supports dolby digital plus, the PS3 outputs 1080p, and has a blu-ray drive. and has 120gb hard drive. same price as the 360 and is 299$ and has the best exclusive titles and games

PS3 obviously has better value

swingingape3393d ago

Great points, Ron. The one chink that bothers me is why even though PS3 outputs 1080p, why so many games only support 720p. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting the inferior version when I support Sony. I hate that feeling.

Ron_Burgundy3393d ago

I'm not sure why, but for me sometimes on some games I manually change the display settings to 1080p on the xmb on my PS3 and my tv says 1920 x 1080 and my tv is a Samsung that does 1080p so yeah

ambientFLIER3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Outputs 1080p? does the xbox...what's your point?

By the way, manually forcing the PS3 to upscale to 1080p on certain 720p games will make the game run worse, since it's not doing hardware upscaling. I've noticed that in a few reviews, where forced 1080p would lower the framerate.

Swingingape - that's the reason why.

ZBlacktt3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

One could simply put the word "reliability" and "54% fail rate" and it's already contest over. I mean we all can buy whatever console we want. But when I've seen those facts year after year. I was like no thanks. That and so many people I know have been effected by the issue. This is how I learned that the return box you call MS for is called a coffin, lol. That was cute for such a sad fact of what just happen to them. So I miss out on Gears and Halo, wow! I think I'll live, lol. Mean while the other real highend console does everything as many know and have stated.

IRetrouk3393d ago

The xbox cant put out a true 1080p picture, it scales the games to 1080p, which like you say makes some games worse, remember that when the 360 first came out 1080p wasnt even an option it only let you choose up to 1080i, the 1080p option was added as part of an update, no single 360 game runs at a true 1080p.

Grand Turdismo 20153392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

This crap again? Are you unaware that the Xbox 360 DOES have native 1080p games? 6 of them with no scaling at all. The upcoming perfect dark xbla title will also be native 1080p. Here's the list:

Street Home Court
Virtual Tennis 3
Wolf of the Battlefield Commando 3
Feeding Frenzy 2
Boogie Bunnies
Perfect Dark

Yes, the launch 360s didn't do native 1080p, but that's what the system update was for.

1080p scaling only makes some ps3 games worse, not the xbox, because the ps3 doesn't have a hardware scaler like the xbox, which impacts performance.

I find it really sad that you have 4 agrees on your comment. That's how misinformed some people are.

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Myst3393d ago

Not to be a fanboy or anything ( I figured I should say that before even beginning to say anything else system related ), but I do think the Playstation 3 can offer the best value for people at this point. Sure the 360 is nice and has some nice bells and whistles for people, but when all broken down and is said and done I'd say the Playstation 3 has it. When it comes to games depending on the type you enjoy I would say each has something for everyone and each are becoming better at getting games are already at that level.

The 360 started off with some good ones and has a nice library if you can find the games one example I always say is the best game on 360 ( In my opinion ) is ' Lost Odyssey ' I'll be the first to say it right now that I wish this game was on the Playstation 3, it truly is a spectacular game. I'd urge everyone to at least look into it, try it, but it ( If possible ) definitely a gem that should be added to everyone's 360 library ( Well if you enjoy RPGs )

The PS3 I shouldn't even have to go into detail, it's pretty much the most diverse console at this point ( at least from my stand-point ). Having games that can cater to everyone's personal needs and wishes, if not now then it will do so in the future because of various studios already in production of said games ( I wish Eyedentify was still coming out though that would be my favorite game *Sad crying face* ) Example of one other game that I will say should be added to people's library for the Playstation 3 is Demon's Souls. Note take a look at what I stated 'One other game' I know most of you would say the 'Uncharted' series, so that is why I am choosing Demon's Souls. A truly fun game, great boss battles, and certainly one that makes you think how rewarding it is to defeat a boss and often times a normal enemy or another player.

As for the Wii, it is certainly getting better ( again from my standpoint ) the games may not be up to everyone's tastes; but it seems the developers are taking into account other games the ones who have been playing since the days of Genesis, SNES, NES, or heck even the Atari. One game that I'm sure everyone will know what I will say next is something that I'm still waiting for to come out ( At least in the States ). Monster Hunter Tri~. I know most people prefer the handheld versions over the consoles, but I'm the exact opposite it's nice to have the hand held for walking about and playing, but when at home sometimes I don't feel like playing the hand held and so the console version is nice to have. I really shouldn't have to go into detail about the Monster Hunter franchise most people seem to know of it and if not they have at least heard of the name. To me it does not stand-up quite as closely as Demon's Souls does ( at least it was higher until that game came out ), but now it's fallen to at least second because of it. Though nonetheless it is a great game to play some co-op with friends. The plus side is you don't have to worry about black phantoms.

In short, each comes with something good; game wise it's all about finding those gems in the rough that makes each console worth having. To be honest it will all come down to preference and opinion, though in my opinion I'd say each have a value for my gaming collection at this point and each are serving their purpose. Playstation 3 just a lot more at this point than the other two.

Sweet Jesus I wrote a lot, didn't even notice..

tinman_licks3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Playing Devil's Advocate, some would say the 360 Arcade unit for $150 (after rebates) is the best deal.

Myst3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Fair enough, though one thing is the Arcade now $150.00? On the site it has it listed as 199.99. Though when it all comes down to storage and the accessories would it still be the best deal? Technically speaking yes it is good because of the lower prices, but at the same time the extra things that are more than likely needed are not included. Where as for 100.00 more you could get the Elite, and double the amount of memory that the pro offered ( which I would say is the best deal Microsoft could offer at this point after so long, that is of course comparing it to it's original price point. )

I will say that from a stand-point and not looking into what each packages as a whole then yes 150 (if it can be found for that price) would be the better deal, though upon closer inspection paying 100.00 more is an even better deal, when comparing it to all models and previous prices they were set at before price drop.

Though I am curious why would some say that the Arcade unit is the better deal, and how would they go about justifying that it is indeed a better deal?

WildArmed3393d ago

Not having a HDD is kinda of a downer, a HUGE downer in fact. I mean no DLC, no updates etc etc ya know?

wow, um.. nice rant :) Kudos! You did with one bubble that i do with my nine.
So heres another bubble

tinman_licks3393d ago

Parents just want a beefy system they can get the cheapest possible. Arcade is that. Do they need Hard Drive? Sure. But that doesn't mean parents have to rush out and get one for them.

jack_burt0n3393d ago

MS changed the Arcade branding to the "Idiot SKU" on internal memo's.

Myst3393d ago

First and foremost I see now how it can become 150.00, thank you for editing the first post and so it is through mail in rebates that it can achieve that price.

That is true parents will want a cheap system to satisfy their child, but because of going the cheap route and getting the cheapest one possible with as little memory possible. It will only be a matter of time until they are nagged by the child for a hard drive later on. So in the short term yes it is effective for parents, though in the long run it posses a problem for them or may do so if they indeed do have to get a hard drive for the child.

BWS19823393d ago

the $50 rebate is for the Elite, I was looking into it myself, it's sponsored by Netflix, and through MS. I'm fairly certain it's just the Elite:

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Myst3393d ago

Sadly it happens from time to time, it's not that I mean to it's just one of those things that happen because I type fast and by the time I look back over it ( generally after posting ) is when I figure out how much I wrote. Honestly, it's just hard to tell for me while typing and not sure why..:/

Thanks though I think 10 is the maximum amount anyway, but thanks :p.


Argh, meant as a reply it didn't go through. That's it going to sleep...