Hoax of the day: Halo 3 on the PSP, or the experiment to see if people read

A few days ago, there was this self-proclaimed hoax of Halo 3 being playable on the PlayStation Portable uploaded on YouTube. Several days after the Halo 3 on PSP hoax video the video author IIxDylanxII revealed the reasons why he embarked on that little stunt of his. Apparently there was a method to the madness, and the ultimate purpose was to see how well people read, or if people bother to read through long bodies of text at all.

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gta_cb4263d ago

i think its funny that people who watched the video and was saying hes god etc etc, you can see the clip change as hes suddenly holding the PSP at a different distance and the lighting changed etc. funny tho

Saint Sony4263d ago

Even though it is kinda funny prank, but it is not gaming news and therefore does not really belong here.

Frulond4263d ago

I didn't even watch the video cause I think its pointless.

Just looking at "Halo 3 on the PSP" you know is going to be false.

Evil Rant Monkey4263d ago

Who has the time to put these things together, and why you would waste that time is beyond me. This is nothing more than a pointless product from people with absolutely no lives. Get a fukin job

MADGameR4263d ago

360 fans would be crying if it was real and every PSP owner could easily do it!

Merovee4263d ago

That's the best thing I've ever seen!

@gta - that's the whole point, the person refered to him as GOD not because he believed it was real but because of the nature of it. His creators comment directly states it is a hoax and asks people not say that he said so. He was trying to see how many people would even bother reading that the CREATOR SAID IT WAS 100% FAKE.

gta_cb4263d ago

yeh i know, i watched both vids (all of them) but still its suprising what comments where made back to them lol. especially the ones where they thought they where better then the person who made the vid.