Top 5 Thoughts of Demons Souls' Designers

Atlus is back with a one the best dungeon crawlers made… what in the world were they thinking?

Top 5 Thoughts the designers of Demon Souls had while they were creating their game:
As we try and plow through this crazy game to get a review up, we're left wondering about some of the design choices that were made. Were the designers taking mind-blowing drugs at the time? Were most of them to create a really hard game? Does a hard game equal a good game? A lot of the design ideas were definitely to cater to the hardcore gamer, but don't let the following text fool you. This game is awesome! But softcore gamers beware, you will hate it.

1. Dying is fun.
Never have I read...

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ikiru33853293d ago

From Software should have been tagged since they developed the game, not Atlus

sikbeta3293d ago

you are right, but at the same time From Software is small so thanks to Atlus we can enjoy the game, yes the credit goes to FS