Hype News Episode 6: Sega Has Failed Us.

It's back. Hype News is in full effect and ready to give you the skinny on what happened this week in the gaming industry. Here are some of the topics in this weeks episode.

* L4D gets $25 Million ad campaign
* Ubisoft gets Nadeo
* Jack the Ripper game
* New Prince of Persia
* Forza 3 DLC
* Alpha Protocol delayed to 2010

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Noctis Aftermath3348d ago

why does the guy sound like he just woke up?

KeemJ3348d ago

Idk. Guess his voice is just deep.

Pein3349d ago

it coming back to the new design. its the only time where i get to see these trailers i missed out as well

Droid Control3348d ago

thats the real fail, right there.