GAMES09: PS3 Slim Mohammed Ben Sulayem Bundle Announced

A new PS3 bundle for the UAE was announced at GAMES 09 today. The bundle will include: a 250GB PS3 Slim, a copy of DiRT 2, a custom PS3 boxart designed on the legendary rally racer Mohammed Ben Sulayem

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N4G king3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

for those that don't know the guy
he is a very well known arabic rally racer

thanks wiki

and the bundle is 400$

Nitrowolf23349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

"Mohammed Ben Sulayem"
i had no idea who that was until i read the article so i thought this was fake. Well glad sony is starting to make more bundles.

@above thx for the link

tdrules3349d ago

god damn he looks dashing, hes like an arabian time schafer.
and you would all kill for that tash

The Killer3348d ago

what is schafer? find me one dictionary that can translate that.

and since you are making fun of how people look like then why dont you put your picture on your avatar so we know you look better than him?

pixelsword3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

He probably Meant TIM Schafer, creator of the Psychonauts:

Reading may be fundamental, and reading comprehension is essential for intelligent extraction of information, but insight while reading is transcendent.

sikbeta3348d ago

more bundles, more choices, happy gaming

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The story is too old to be commented.