GameShark: Section 8 Review

The Kohan people do a shooter.

•What's Hot: The gameplay feels like Battlefield and Starsiege had a baby, dynamic objectives keep things interesting.

•What's Not: Lack of any real progression.

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Blaster_Master3958d ago

Gameshark has the worst taste in video games.

taco_tom2373958d ago

i played the demo on 360 and i must say this game is garbage!!!!!!

wxer3958d ago

Section 8 only on 360

home of shuffleware

Pandamobile3958d ago

The game really isn't that bad. I played in the beta for a while, but it's nothing special either.

This game is the definition of 'average'.

DiffusionE3958d ago

Unoriginal, uninspiring, low budget halo-copy, lame-ass game. Why did they even bother to make it? I won't give it anything over 5.

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