BioWare: 'Mass Effect 2' = 'Empire Strikes Back'

BioWare wants "Mass Effect 2" to be both darker and harder than its predecessor, and the studio's co-founder Greg Zeschuk wants one classic space opera to be the benchmark for its continuing story. "Star Wars" traded the sandy, sunset-glazed atmosphere of Tatooine for the barren snow of Hoth and the blackness of space in "The Empire Strikes Back." Zeschuk wants to reflect the same sea change in the second "Mass Effect."

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ps3d03296d ago

I have my doubts about ME2 watching the trailers it looks like they are copying star wars waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much. I've already seen the star wars movies i dont want to play a game that ends up being a cheap rip off.

However I do hope that ME2 turns out to be a great game that is even better then the 1st one.

erathaol3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

" is definitely a darker, harder game." that just sounds inappropriate already.

leeger3296d ago

Hey EA and Bioware i still want a PS3 version.

ps3d03296d ago

leeger and people in hell want ice water

Tr10wn3295d ago

Correction "EA" maybe want ME on PS3, but Bioware said before selling them selfs to EA that they will try to keep it exclusive to PC and 360.

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Tr10wn3296d ago

Mass effect 1 OST was every good and this one will be epic.

RadientFlux3296d ago

Here's to hoping that Mass Effect 3, doesn't end up like 'Return of the Jedi' but if it does at least make the cute teddy bear creatures killable.

Bumpmapping3296d ago

Can't wait PC version FTW!

chrisulloa3296d ago

Can't wait to buy 360 version.

Bumpmapping3296d ago

Have fun with your 30fps 720p lmao.... I'll be enjoying this running at 60fps 1080p non stop PC>>>Lastgen heaterbox version.

champ213296d ago

enjoy paying your taxes to microsoft.

ill get the untaxed version at 49usd, run it at 1920*1200 @ 60fps+

plus i may even get free dlcs + mods, now now i am sure micro wont let you have any free dlcs lol theyd rather tax you for it ;-)

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