Is 10 Days in Italy to Review 'Assassin's Creed II' Going Overboard?

For Assassin's Creed II, Ubisoft is redefining the review event. The San Francisco based company is flying a select number of journalists out to Italy for a full 10 days to play the game. It makes us wonder if Assassin's Creed II is simply a *really* long game or if 10 days in Italy is a bit excessive.

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RainOfTerror3299d ago

a trip to Italy .. tasty!

thedisagreefairy3299d ago

assassins creed 2 is obviously going to get extremely high scores

im sure the game will be great bu this is worse than microsoft sending out gift bags for reviewers

ZBlacktt3299d ago

Yeah, then comes all the review split screens of which looks better soon to follow, lol... :(

Game looks real fun this time around.

RainOfTerror3299d ago

worse? I think it takes the cake

chisox1003299d ago

uncharted 2 or ac2 will be game of the year

LinuxGuru3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I don't care what the background or history of a game is, flying 10 people (at least that's probably about how many would go) to Italy is VERY expensive and frivolous.

Also, it's obvious they're doing this to get better review scores out of people.

"Select number of journalists" = "Select number of journalists most likely to rate the game higher if we do cool stuff for them"

A publisher wouldn't spend 15,000 dollars (assuming it's 10 people or so + the cost of hotel stay) if they didn't think they were benefiting from it in a big way.

DiffusionE3299d ago

Yeah, Ubi's really losing it. Ever since...oh i don't know....PoP: Warrior Within? Rainbow Six Vegas 2, GRAW 2, PoP(the "stylish cell-shaded" one), Endwar(using the Frag Dolls to promote it lol), HAWX, AC 1, FarCry 2 and any Splinter Cell game after Pandora Tomorrow. They're all bullcrap with over-advertising and over-hype.

C'mon Ubi, focus on the actual game content instead of plastering the ads everywhere and hoping it sells.

DiffusionE3298d ago

I did, ever since Rainbow Six 3 and PoP: Sands of Time. But the last 10 major titles from them have been "disappointing" to say the least. I think it was more because of the fact that they splurged on the marketing budget rather than the dev costs.

zagibu3298d ago

Unfortunately, investing into marketing instead of production seems to work out for a lot of businesses.

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The story is too old to be commented.