Halo 3 BETA Logged 610,000 Games in 24 Hours

The Halo 3 BETA is easily the most popular Xbox Live game on the 360 and with good reason. It seems to take everything that was good in Halo 2 and further enhance them through Xbox Live. From Missile Pods to Spartan Lasers and Valhalla to High Ground, the game has everything a Halo fan needs to feed his Master Chief obsession.

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gta_cb4258d ago

i like playing the demo, and hope to make the game numbers go up 2day =D

gta_cb4258d ago

oh but i dont like the the mode territories.

sak5004258d ago

How is it compared to H2? I dint buy crackdown :(

Matchews4258d ago

completly agree... territories is a pile of tripe :(

and shotty/snipers sucks an' all :(

but CTF is as good as ever (but the flag douesn't bounce anymore?)

gta_cb4258d ago

its really fun, except when you get a good team to go against and then someone on your team dies so they leave!

but except for that its all good, oh and if you get 8 friends you know wont quit its even better as you get to work as a team especially with that freakin sweet bubble shield!

i recomend people to rent or buy Crackdown (as it is a good game anyway) and have fun, perhaps rent it on Friday night when you get back from college/work/whatever and then spend the weekend kicking @SS!

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evilmark2204258d ago

yeah i really don't like territories and shotty/snipers

FeralPhoenix4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Well I just took a break from the Beta myself, my neck was hurting from leaning my head for the last 4 hrs (bad habit)...I haven't played Halo2 in a long time but honestly its so much like Halo2 in so many ways the differernce IMO is this multiplayer is alot more balanced than Halo2, and its just more fun, although I'm getting my butt kicked alot, I'm learning and its not nearly as bad as the first day; so just give me time....and I will be spreading massive beat downs throughout the Halo realm.

FirstknighT4258d ago

I LOVE snipers/shotty. I never use the shotty and love getting noscopes on close players using the shotty. All the gametypes are perfect but if I would choose one that I dont want...that would be VIP.

610,000 games in 24 hours??? HAHA, that is completly insane. This game is going to DESTROY records. I can't wait!!! Eat your heart out sony.

Ravenator5294258d ago

So far I have racked up 71 total games since the "Crackdown" beta release.

And so far I have come to the conclusion that I still suck at Halo, even after 71 games!

I could so far tell you where every weapon is on ever level but yet I still get my rear end handed to me in just about every game.

Although I do show some flashes of greatness with an 18 kill game here or there but most likely I end up with no more than 10 kills per round. And its usually less than that!

Oh well, I still have a blast playing! Even if there are the same A-Holes from Halo 2. At least I know that I am not playing some kid with a modded XBox. I always felt cheated with Halo 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.