Natal 360 bundle on the way?

ConnectedConsoles: Earlier we talked about Future Epic Games confirming that their future game will be supporting Project Natal. Now, the VP of Epic Games has also said that Natal could be bundled with every Xbox 360. In the interview with OXM Mark Rein said:

"I think they said they were going to ship Natal with every Xbox when they actually launch the thing, so everybody will have one. And then they are going to sell it to everybody who doesn't have one. Or try."

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MetalGearRising3348d ago

Japan will be Microsoft's last and Final blow to Sony PS3 as millions in Japan will purchase Natal as they did the Wii. Growth of PS3 & Wii sales will come to a shut down as if they never existed.

droid and bot3348d ago

cant wait to se you with only one bubble

rucky3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Natal is already outdated even before it comes out. Japan is used to their advance technology that's why Sony's already enhancing their 6 yr old Natal AKA Eyetoy.

OmarJA3348d ago

When Natal fails i'll come hunt for you & be your worst nightmare...

droid and bot3348d ago

"Natal 360 bundle on the way?"

"?" at the end of the title = EPIC FAIL

FrankDrebin3348d ago

but, HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST just for the camera?

Fair and justified?


Arm and a leg?

Also, I want to know if you can use it on Windows 7! I've seen some reports saying it can be used with Windows as well as the 360. Now that would be FREAKING AWESOME!

OmarJA3348d ago

People still care about this?

darthv723348d ago

I have the original camera for 360 and it works fine as a web cam for a pc and even the ps3. I dont have the eyetoy so I am wanting to know if anyone has tried using the eyetoy (or eyetoy 2) on the 360?

deadreckoning6663348d ago

I don't know why u guys WANT Natal to fail.

1. If u don't want it, don't buy it

2. Its not meant for u guys its meant for the casuals

3. It won't affect hardcore games and ill give optional additions with Natal. If u wanna use it, use it..if ya don't, don't

Blaze9293348d ago

becuase they're fanboys?

chaosatom3348d ago

An arm and leg.

But how would you play Natal then? LOL

beardpapa3348d ago

If Natal msrp = $39.99 , count me in. It'll be cheaper than the PSEye SMC combo that's for sure. However, after being spoiled with rumble, I wonder if I'll be missing that interactive feedback that's standard in many games these days.

thebudgetgamer3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

i dont want natal to fail at all. i think it could have really cool applications. i just dont want that to be the core gaming experience.

dont take my controller away is what im saying.

on a side note im gald to say that my purchasing of a 360 has been pushed forward from march to two weeks from today.

:) my chick is cutting me some slack, ive been a good boy.

Tachyon_Nova3348d ago

Wow, what a revelation this is. Every fanboy and his dog could have figured that one out. In any case, Natal looks pretty cool, and I sort of hope it succeeds to a degree. I however would rather just sit down and use a controller/key board and mouse to play my games.

zeeshan3348d ago

Looking at the prices of their HDD can you give you a clue. This "BUNDLE" will probably cost a bundle :)

slayorofgods3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Because Natal is more an overdeveloped Wii ripoff than an innovation. I'm tired of Sony and Microsoft attempting to dip into other markets. Remember 360's shortly lived jrpg phase, excellent games that were wasted on a fan base that could care less while alienating the fanbase they should have focused on. Why focus on copying each other instead of looking into the next big thing instead???

This is why I hope Natal fails.

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JustinSaneV23348d ago

"I think they said they were going to ship Natal with every Xbox when they actually launch the thing"

does not sound like "all-but confirmed".

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