Overweight youth more likely to watch more TV, play video games

Gamesthirst: Apparently the most significant difference between overweight youth and their healthy peers is the amount of time they spend in front of the TV screen watching movies or playing videogames, this is according to a new study that compared different patterns.

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Sunny_D3298d ago

Possible, but I've seen some of my little nephew's classmates actually be underweight, weak, and skinny. They mostly play games rather than do their schoolwork.

FrankDrebin3298d ago

or video games they would find something else to do...and eat at the same time. Maybe they would sit around, drink a liter of cola, a pound of chicken nuggets and put together puzzles.

Don't blame tv or video games, blame the person!

GameOn3298d ago

Can't really blame the person when they're a kid, they don't know better. Blame lies with the parents for allowing their kids to get fat by not feeding them properly.

Darkstorn3298d ago

I think there's pretty much a consensus on this. Fat kids, skinny kids, any time of person who has low self-esteem about themselves seek escape. That escape is entertainment - namely movies and video games.
The video games are not at fault, but they definitely can be addicting, and all addictions are bad. Again, it depends on the willpower of the person, and the parent's need to regulate their kids time using media and make them go outside and exercise regularly. Can we all at least agree on that?

Downtown boogey3298d ago

YET I go to the gym 4 times a week (bench press over 200 lb) and do well in school.

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Wolfie3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Well i'm a gamer for almost 13 years (I'm 20yo). I've always been slim :]

James Bond3298d ago

The title's wrong, it should be:

Research: if you're teen and fat and have a high pitched voice, you most likely play Xbox 360 games

WenisWagon3298d ago

I'm pretty sure obesity in the US began to become a major problem back in the '80s, and interestingly enough there was no Xbox around during that time.

chisox1003298d ago

i was fat until is stopped playing xbox

James Bond3298d ago

I think we found the source of obesity in America.

Lou Ferrigno3298d ago

didnt that burger king game come out for the xbox 360 some years ago? .. EXACTLY!

George Sears3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I'm slim as hell. I eat and never gain anything. Tried exercising but damn I'm too lazy for commitment. Haven't had a stable relationship until now thankfully.

gumgum993298d ago

I hear ya. I'm quite skinny myself. I have quite the appetite, yet I maintain the same weight regardless. My dad ays it will balance out in my 20's though.

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