Gamertell Review: Sony's PSPgo handheld game system

Gamertell has posted a fairly negative review of Sony's latest handheld system, the PSPgo.

From the review:

"It's not so much that it takes the benefits of shopping for physical media out of the equation (I picked up Prinny for $10 bucks on PSN as opposed to $40 at GameStop), it's offering a device with no real change in functionality for a much higher price that is a bit ludicrous even if you can justify the extra hundred dollars for 16GBs of memory – the iPod Touch is $299 for 32GBs in comparison."

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Alcon Caper3297d ago

MAn, this thing's getting some really discouraging reviews...

FrankDrebin3297d ago

I ended up buying because the hype-nmachine got me. Then the next day it broke! No power to the screen!

I had to return it and the guy at the service desk says they are having lots of PSPgos being returned.

I think I am going to stick with my older PSP! It maybe huge compared to the PSPgo but it is a tank!

chrisulloa3296d ago

Does PSP have as much games as iPhone? Is it a phone? Does it have a camera? Does it have a better web browser? No then STFU

3296d ago
Lou Ferrigno3296d ago

@ Chris
1:does the psp have as much games as the iphone?

2)is it a phone? ANSWER: Skype?

3)does it have a camera? The Chotto shot Go CAM 1.3MPX.

4)does it have a better web browser? .. ANSWER: NO! but it still has a functional one non da less and ive used it alot lately and its fairly awesome.
tho flash would be nice.

so anotherwords your comment = EPIC FAIL!
and my reply to it=KILLZOWNED by me. :)

Now kindly STFU and Sit The FVCK down and chillax w/a nacho belgrande ya douche!

darthv723296d ago

dont be naieve. Skype isnt a replacement to a phone especially if you dont have net access to use it. Even if you were tethered to a smartphone then what is the point of skype still? Use the smart phone.

The add on camera is pointless as you need to add it on. The point of the comparison is what is available out of the box. I like the go but it doesnt offer the same as the iphone. PSP games is the only advantage and that isnt saying much.

SuperM3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Is the Ipod touch a phone? No
Does the PSP have a webbrowser? Yes
Does the PSP have more games then Iphone? I have no frickin clue but they are much better which is the only thing that matters to me.

Seriously why do you bring Iphone into this, the iphone is in a different price class entirely. And people even agree with you. No wonder the PSP Go is getting bashed when douchebags like yourself represent the general public opinion around here.

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RAM MAGNUMS3296d ago

Not iPhone. The iPhone cost more than a ps3.
Psp has the real games. Exclusive.
That is already priceless.

The iPod touch is what people buy by mistake because they thought it was a cheap iPhone.
The iPod touch is capped of at 32 gb while the psp can get as big as it wants.

If you believ the ipodtouch has better games than the psp which is much more than just a pure gaming console then what could I tell you? If your shopping for a handheld gaming system & the itouch is what you buy... I LoL in your direction.

chrisulloa3293d ago

The iPhone 16GB costs 299, PSPGo is $250. Not much of a difference, but we all know which one is better quality.

raztad3293d ago


You right, we know, the PSP Go is.

Good luck playing your iphone games.

I Make Stuff Up3293d ago

And the monthly fee to use all those features on the PSPgo is.....?. Whereas AT&T will [email protected] the sht out of you thanks to their exclusive deal.

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