Evil Avatar: FIFA 10 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Last year for the first time ever, in many people's opinions, FIFA was finally the benchmark for all soccer games to aspire to. For many years it lagged behind Konami's Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer franchise and it looked like it was never going to catch up. Now at the 17th attempt the guys from EA seem to have finally nailed it and it may now be Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka and his team at Konami who will have to catch up."

The Good

* 360 motion control creates fluid gameplay
* Online play is once again great
* Manager Mode is close to Football Manager without it being Football Manager

The Bad

* Doing a pan around the stadium for loading times between substitutions is annoying
* Playing as lower level teams can take the fun out of the game
* Only including the Russian League in the PC version

The Ugly

* Player models look like claymen

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