Video: Crazy Gaming Skills

Yes, we all know it by now; Japan is very good at producing insanely good gamers. Over the years we've seen speed runs of nigh on every game under the sun, from platformers to in-depth RPGs.

The problem is that every time we see a new and improved video, our expectations rise. Completing Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes just isn't good enough anymore, it needs to be done blindfolded.

And so it is with great pleasure that we are able to show you a phenomenal new video, of a Japanese boy blasting his way through a rhythm-based arcade game, which completely blew us away.

We guarantee a jaw-dropping response or your money back!

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wildcat4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

that was pretty amazing!

kingofps34167d ago

Im speechless. You can be a great martial arts ninja someday:)

gta_cb4167d ago

haha nice, but maybe he already is lol

zantetsuken4167d ago

Um, this movie is from 2003... It's actually legit, he's reknown for holding the record on classic. Still, this is very old lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.