80GB PS3 Rumors Confirmed True for Korean Launch

According to the Korean PLAYSTATION 3 website, a new 80GB HDD SKU is being released on June 16, 2007. The new SKU will be released without the Emotion Engine, which is used to help emulate PS2 and PS1 games. The new SKU will be sold for 518,000 Won, which is about $573 US with tax. No information on whether or not the SKU is going to be released elsewhere.

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minx20044479d ago

Wow I hope we get this....

snoop_dizzle4479d ago

that means a POSSIBLE price drop in the 60 gig PS3. I hope.

ITR4478d ago

It's more like a 60GB replacement.

Same price but with a bigger HDD.

BubblesDAVERAGE4479d ago

100 bucks for 20 gbs...plz dont be some other company i shall not name...only write it .. MS

minx20044479d ago

That definitely means production costs are going down. Which means a soon to be price drop in USA. If you look at it the price of this is $575 we may have a drop soon.

consolecrusader4479d ago

I smell.....A FALL PRICE DROP OF $500!

But then again you think to yourself...why didn't the 20GB sell well for $500 would 60 or 80Gb do better at that price?