Marc Ecko wants to see Getting Up 'brand out there again'

While he's currently working in a creative director role to bring I Heart Geeks (a Fantastic Contraption-inspired puzzler for the Nintendo DS) to North America, Marc Ecko hasn't forgotten his gaming past.

In a recent interview, Ecko told Destructoid he's keen on a Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure revival.

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BigKev453479d ago

Mark Ecko wants to get it up again, what? lol

vShinobi3479d ago

I loved the first one hopefully this will happen.

George Sears3479d ago

Hah I bought the CE of this game. Was an ok game but I was pretty hyped when I used to see the previews.

Ludakriss3479d ago

Oh man a bumpy road to marketing indeed. But hey, I'm sure there are more than plenty of people willing to see something new in the current gen console market. I think someone just has to make the first step and see if people respond. I'm positive that thereare more people who appreciate Graffiti and hip hop as a whole. GO ECHO ! I have faith.