Game-Debate: Wet Review

Game-Debate writes: "I've been looking forward to Wet for a while now, and a highly anticipated game has to deliver so much more in order to not disappoint. So could Wet live up to my own personal hype? The demo I played around a month ago suggested it could, which only heightened my interest."

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Strikepackage Bravo3385d ago

I forgot all about this game, anyone picked it up yet, what did you think? This review seems pretty good. This will be added to my collection after it drops to 30 bux.

xboxman083385d ago

its ok i rented it and beat in 2 days but it is fun i reminds me of stranglehold

trgz3385d ago

My daughter and her boyfriend took it back to the shop after 30 minutes of playing it - they weren't impressed at all. I've not played it so I can't make a personal comment.

gidzilla3384d ago

Heard really mixed reviews. EDGE gave it 5.