Top 5 most stupid boss battles in current generation

We have great games. But some of these great games have some of the most awful boss battles. The game is overall awesome but they fail to achieve perfection due to the ease with which some of bosses can be defeated. Gaming Bolt presents you five such cases in gaming in no particular order.

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gameseveryday3297d ago

oh common, RAAM was overrated!

Munky3297d ago

The guy who wrote the article must of been playing on easy, cuz he was tough to beat on hardcore.

militant073297d ago

I LOVED RAAAM, it was epic, and very challenging in insane,

i strongly dissagreey with the topic

Highatus3297d ago

I agree the RAAM fight was great, i rather enjoyed it.

Bnet3433297d ago

RAAM was good, Gears 2 last boss was the gayest ever. Hold the R trigger to beat him, nice one Epic.

beavis4play3297d ago

because the last boss in gears1 was a joke.

i don't know if it's considered a "boss", but the last enemy you fight in resistance 2 was pitiful.

the last boss in bioshock was a letdown for me as well.

ThanatosDMC3297d ago

The last boss in Demon's Souls was WAY BEYOND stupid. You'll agree when you see/fight/kill him/it.

FrankDrebin3297d ago

There will be plenty more stupid boss battles to come! I promise you that!

YoungKingDoran3297d ago

thanatos: if you're talking about the thing im thinking you are talking about, RIGHT at the end, i dont think it was meant to be considered a 'BOSS' just a more interactive ending.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Gear 2 didn't have a final "boss", it had you hold right trigger for literally 20 seconds and that was it. The low-ranked Locust were harder to beat.

Halo 3's final boss was a racetrack and ODST's wasn't much better.

Resistances 2's final boss disappointed me but that's partially due to Insomniac hyped up the R2's boss's as if they were going to be insane. The bosses in R2 will all pretty good except for that terrible "swarm" and the pre-scripted Leviathan that was basically a highly interactive cutscene. Daedalus wasn't great, I've played worse.

I though KillZone 2's Radac battle was AWESOME! One of the best boss battles and pre-boss fights this generation. On the higher difficulties, it was crazy because he would turn invisible and then one-hit knife you to death. You know it's epic when there's a trophy for beating him in under 20 minutes. Beating KZ2 on Elite was one of the hardest things I've done in gaming. Even Recruit was hard in KZ2 and I'm really good at gaming! I'm so proud of my Platinum :)

Tachyon_Nova3297d ago

It might have been overrated, but it wasn't THAT bad. It was acceptable. In any case, I rather liked the Resistance 2 final boss battle. The only problem was the swarms, a bit lame I have to say.

MoonlightProwler3296d ago

What does this website look so similar to Gamespot?

Sarcasm3296d ago

My votes for Gears of War 2's last boss battle.


Sarcasm3296d ago

"There will be plenty more stupid boss battles to come! I promise you that! "

And super insane too epic for words boss battles. (I hope)

God of War III

Rip Zeus arms off and use them to shove it down his throat and then slash his stomach open from the inside while piercing his eyes with the blades of Athena.

ThanatosDMC3293d ago

%%% SPOILER %%%

We're talking about the lizard, right? I'm not talking about the Maiden cuz that's optional.

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Dan GamingBolt3297d ago

i think the leviathan was a bad boss fight
it was fun and great looking,
but it was all scripted.

gameseveryday3297d ago

yeah i completely agree to that!

thor3297d ago

The moment I saw footage of that boss battle I said how it was scripted and how it was going to be lame... of course I was shot down by fanboys chanting "bububu it's so huuuge omgzzzz" (as though making a large enemy is any harder than making a small enemy in a VIRTUAL game).

Obelisk923297d ago

Yeah, all scripted, but I have to admit it was pretty cool.

Too bad I disliked the rest of Resistance 2... I liked only the giant boss fights.

mal_tez923297d ago

I'm surprised the developers put all the effort into making this huge city and giant monster which are both incredibly detailed, oly for the fight to be scripted and last all of five minutes. Something of that size should have lasted 20-30 mins or be unscripted.

Cenobia3297d ago

But at least the Leviathan was climactic.

The biggest problems I have with boss fights is when they are essentially meaningless. I mean Raam came out of nowhere, and so did the General in KZ2. I enjoyed playing both those games, but why was it even necessary to but 'boss' fights in. Those characters have almost nothing to do with the story at all. They're just there to fill the boss requirement. Also, anything with infinite waves of enemies immediately tops my sh!t list.

Uncharted's last fight was refreshing. He wasn't invincible and didn't take 3000 bullets to kill just because he was the last guy.

Sarcasm3296d ago

The problem with the Leviathan is all you have to do is just "Shoot"

There wasn't any clever means to take him down or anything.

Disappointing to say the least.

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baldguy713297d ago

Glad to see Fable II is that easy - haven't gotten to the end yet, so I know what to expect now - LOL !!!!

ThanatosDMC3297d ago

Fable II boss... your friend kills him for you. Well, at least that's how my ending went.

ThatCanadianGuy3297d ago

Same thing happened to me.I almost threw the controller at the wall in rage.I wanted to kill the bastard!

TenSteps3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

So true Reaver was my fav character in Fable 2

Assassin Nawabi3297d ago

Rashid Sayed: but it wasn't that bad in my humble opinion...i have seen worse

Relientk773297d ago

Yea the Resistance 2 final boss Daedalus was pretty damn easy

gameseveryday3297d ago

it was actually pathetic :(

SupaPlaya3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

in DMC4 had me going WTF after I beat it.

It's pretty similar to the buddist looking boss in the NG2 demo. Except the boss in the demo is actually more bada$$.

ThanatosDMC3297d ago

Yeah, DMC4 boss was just lame. They even copied Shinobi's last boss fight. Pathetic. DMC3 was epic but what the hell happened to DMC4?!