PS3 sales spike on Amazon UK after Gamer's Day

Apparently Sony's Gamer's Day had a strong effect on consumer interest in PlayStation 3. After the wave of media and impressions about titles like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Heavenly Sword , rejoiced Brits rushed off to Amazon UK to purchase their very own PlayStation 3.

The site listed the PlayStation 3 as the most sought after item right after Gamer's Day. At that time, Nintendo's "black" DS Lite took the #5 spot, Xbox 360's premium system took the #6 spot, and Nintendo's Wii ran up the pack at #8.

Now, two days later, PlayStation 3 is still enjoying boosted sales at the #4 spot. The next step is for Sony to release some of these heavy hitters to seriously raise some interest in their high-end console.

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LoveHateTragedy4196d ago

Semi since it's updated a few days after, showing that the effect of Gamers Day wasn't just a fluke. We'll probably see the same thing in the U.S. once E3 rolls around. I guess the Brits paid more attention to this event since it was in their country 'en all; none of my friends even knew that Gamers Day even happened.

OneBubbleBastard4196d ago

People are just waiting for an excuse to buy the SEXY BEAST...

AND that excuse is very near and it's multiplying..

soon enough PS3 will be on top and xbots will be hiding or ranting about how the 720 is going to kick PS4 @ss... YEAH RIGHT

Enjoy your 180 while you can, ya'll only have bout 2 years before they leave you hanging so they can push another unreliable hardware...


power of Green 4196d ago

You are strange my friend. Your post is almost child like. Did your mummy buy your PS-Thr-wee.

gta_cb4196d ago

nice but no, i know why hes pissed, its because he cant afford a PS3 and hes affriad to play games like Halo 3 as he was always @ss [email protected] in Halo 2.

gta_cb4196d ago

congrads Sony, this doesnt mean you dont need a price cut, please remember that.

Bathyj4196d ago

It was the same thing after GDC, and most likely will be again after E3.

I'll agree with one think OBB said "People are just waiting for an excuse to buy the SEXY BEAST...AND that excuse is very near and it's multiplying."

But then he just went of on his fanboy rant and I had to stop reading.

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