WSJ: For Avid Computer Gamers, Only Wicked Fast Will Do

WSJ: For Avid Computer Gamers, Only Wicked Fast Will Do

An article about the high end enthusiast PC gaming market.

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UPSLynx3299d ago

This really reminds me of how much of a ripoff manufactured gaming PCs are.

Sure, Falcon Northwest will literally give you a Ferrari level paint job for you chassis, but adding on an additional $4000 just to have your box look cool when in the end it'll sit and collect dust and scratches over the year? It's almost pure madness.

Even before the additional 4K for the paintjob, the 'high end gaming PC' was running that guy around Three thousand. That's still absurd.

Build it yourself, have the highest of high end components, acquire savings, discuss.

Pandamobile3299d ago


Nothing excites me more than ordering a new PC component and bencmarking and overclocking it to see how well I spent my money.

moe843297d ago

sarcasm 1.1?

Anyway, to each their own. Some people buy a Subaru, some buy a Porsche. The only problem with building or buying a high end pc, is that most users(at home) will never reach it's full potential. Bragging rights is about all it's worth.. like a Porsche. Seriously, how often do you go 200+ mph?