Firing Squad: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

Firing Squad writes: "A large economic boom has caused China to deplete their oil reserves. However, when the credit bubble bursts and the global recession arrives, millions of jobs are lost and they are left without a means to acquire the oil they need. This leads to political destabilization and popular support for radical action. Meanwhile, sizeable quantities of oil are discovered on the Pacific island of Skira, which was taken from Japan by Russia at the end of WWII. China claims rightful ownership of the island, having originally colonized it centuries ago."

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Saryk3294d ago

A very harsh review, but I can agree with it since I played more yesterday. I will be very careful in the future on my purchases from this company.

jjohan353294d ago

I said it from the get-go that this game won't be great. All the fanboys started getting on my case for it, calling me a COD or Halo gunner.