Why Project Natal Will Be Better Than Both Sony and Nintendo's Ideas

This article goes out on a limb and claims that Project Natal will be better than both Nintendo's Wii remote and Sony's Motion Controller. All sides are looked at from, and the advantages and disadvantages from each angle is looked at.

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ChickeyCantor3299d ago in other words, there are no games that are actually "better".....( no milo is not a game, its a puppet show)....he still declares a winner.

Let the games do the talking, i dont care if it shoots laser from its freaking lenz.

Beast_Master3298d ago

Hopefully the writer is an 8 yr old. I think that is the only demographic that will solve the 'best motion controller' debate.

Let me put my friends on notice if I stop by and see you playing milo or that racing game where you do the tire change...I get to punch you in the face! Hard..

ChozenWoan3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Which I got the moment I read the title of this article. No need to read beyond that point as Natal is 12 months away, PSSphere is 6 months away, and Motion Plus is here but still not enough to get me to buy a Wii. At this point, Motion Plus is the winner as there is no competition on the market.

Now 4-6 years from now we will have 20/20 vision about this gens winner when it comes to motion controls, until then everyones just placing blind bets. BTW, mines on PSSphere. ;)

marinelife93298d ago

No mention of the 1/2 second lag between the movements. Or the Milo choreographed video with the girl.

deadreckoning6663298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

It'll definitely get more worldwide attention, but idk if it'll be better.

@cmrbe- Yep, as good or bad as they games my be. The media and the casuals will run in droves to buy Natal for the simple fact that it uses no physical controller. Are we forgetting already what the Wii(crappy console IMO) has been doing at a $250 price point?

The hardcore crowd cares about revolutionary games, but the casuals that make up the majority of the market DON'T. When M$ sees Wii Fit outselling games that are clearly "superior" to it, why would they make revolutionary games when they know thats not where the money is?
Little Big Planet and Warhawk were "revolutionary" in my eyes, but they didn't appeal to a large crowd.

Even though WE don't wanna see Natal succeed, it most likely will if M$ just makes it a head and shoulders better than the Wii which has been dominating this generation and is in more homes than any other next-gen console.

cmrbe3298d ago

Let see some of the revolutionary games before making such bold statements which i am sick and tired of hearing.

Noctis Aftermath3298d ago

ALL ANGLES? where's the comparison to the PSEYE? that's right he didn't make one cause that would put the PS3 in front due to the fact that they are nearly IDENTICAL but the PS3 also has the motion controller.

droid and bot3298d ago

natal is a good technology
but its not a good gaming device

there is a big difference

Mr Logic3298d ago

Project Natal Has a Microphone-
PSEye has 4 microphones. Get your facts straight.

Project Natal Can Scan Items Into The Game -
While it hasn't been announced I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to scan things with the PSEye

Natal Looks Physically Better -

Syronicus3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago ) publishes an article unboxing their fancy new swag bag from Microsoft. Included in the bag is a golden voucher good for one shiny new Natal upon release...


Arnon3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

This article is nothing but flamebait.

It would've actually made more sense if he researched Natal instead of just spreading fud. Hell, even Wikipedia is better than this.

nycredude3298d ago


The Pseye already scans stuff. You can scan a drawing of the pieces of certain things like plane and cars in eyepet and it will come to life for your pet to play. This is old tech but since Sony did this already no one gives credit. MS is the master at stealing ideas and calling it their own, just like Bill Gates did.

sikbeta3298d ago

natal is aimed for casuals and gamers, right? no joystick = no gamers and no OMG revolutionary motion gimmick piece of plastic = no casuals

Eddie201013298d ago

Miss informed Natal fanboy, shame shame shame. Can Natal see you use your finger to shoot in a game? Can natal measure a foot pressing an accelerated or break in a racing game? You can't do combo moves in fighting games with Natal. Its a casual gamers toy and a interface control scheme, that's it.

Sony's motion control does have sound, the Playstation Eye has a microphone built in and that is needed to use the motion controls. Sony's motion control will probably be the most accurate of the three, and has triggers and buttons for things that just can't be done any other way. As far as aesthetics go, I don't think the look has been finalized and as is doesn't look bad to me and is hardly anything to declare a winner or loser over.


1. Sony Motion Control
2. Wii Mote with Motion Plus
3. Natal

ChickeyCantor3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

For the fanboys who "disagreed", im not bashing your Natal, im just saying there isn't really much to compare game-wise.

"MS is the master at stealing ideas and calling it their own, just like Bill Gates did."

To be fair, Apple also got their OS concept from something else, if you can guess which one ill give you a e-cookie.

Electricear3298d ago

To easy, The apple W.I.M.P interface was based off Xerox's Alto.

NoBias3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Fire on a fishing hook.

Thugbot1873298d ago

First thought Flamebait...

ultimolu3298d ago


On topic: ...*sighs and headdesks*
I'm sure Natal would be good for 360 owners but seriously...let's not get carried away here.

randomwiz3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

zomg! Natal declared the "winner" in a 360 website!

my favorite quotes from this site:
Natal will be cheaper than $60..."it's going to most likely that it'll be cheaper than if you purchased a Wii remote...and a Wii Motion Plus attachment."

"Project Natal Has a Microphone"
ummm... ps eye has 4 on the top.

"Project Natal Can Scan Items Into The Game"
didn't Sony patent this?

"Natal Looks Physically Better ... in my opinion"

but although Natal has no games announced, no exact release date, and is more expensive(these points are mentioned in the article), natal is cleary the "winner" /sarcasm

WenisWagon3298d ago

It doesn't come with a dildo controller like Nintendo and Sony's does.

chaosatom3298d ago

The use of 3D space in a lot of games is limited, especially hardcore ones.

So, Natal is not any better.

FrankDrebin3298d ago

get on your nerves? I am tired of reading this stupid articles comparing technology and games that haven't even been released yet!

Complete BS!

ThanatosDMC3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

You can scan things on PS3 Eye. Eye of Judgment cards and the stuff shown in Eye Pet and that simple tank creating game concept.

Natal is just being "advertised" to death like it's the savior of 360 and the next gen concept.

I really hope they dont F-up hardcore games competing for camera type gameplay.

WildArmed3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Ps3 vs 360 motion controller:
Project Natal. It was pretty close, but Natal beats Sony's controller. Even though they have more games lined up, the features of what Microsoft has shown off look more promising, and well, more fun. Scanning objects will be a fantastic way to expand on gaming, and the built in mic will mean there will be no hassle with ear pieces."
Even though it has no games... 'looks promising' oh.. like.. Too Human?
Scanning objects.. oh you mean the trailer -.- Never been demoed. Unlike Eye Pet n Eye of Judgement in which you can do it already
Build int mics... wtf are u stupid? Have you even SEEN the pseye?

Microsoft Xbox 3603298d ago

This goes to show how desperate the 360 fanboy's really are. All angles would require you to do some research, in which in this case has failed to do. So much misinformation.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Sony's motion controller can't do what my N4G avatar is doing, so Natal wins. Besides, who would want pin-point precision and technology that could be used in hardcore games, instead of an arm flailing, laggy, unresponsive and expensive camera?


Project Nafail.

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Kain813298d ago

but its only me. i only hope that sony dont go that way...
nintendo has leaved us here in germany, here are more barbie games for DS and Wii than hardcore games

sikbeta3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

natal goes without that option so who is gonna suck it? PR women, yes... Aaron Dumberg = disgusting

Syronicus3298d ago

If anybody can make it happen it sure would be Peter Molyneux... Go Milo!

Mini Mario3298d ago

Barbie games on the wii and ds ey....

Heres some games from the ps2 library (in case you forgot)-

Bratz: Forever Diamondz
Bratz: Rock Angelz
Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue
Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage
Shrek: Super Party
Shrek Super Slam
Shrek 2
Britney's Dance Beat
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Buzz! The Big Quiz
Buzz! The Hollywood QUiz
Buzz! The Mega Quiz
Buzz! The Music Quiz
Buzz! The Sports Quiz

And thats just a quick glance!

Kain813298d ago

You should check your EYES my friend, i never said that the WII-, DS-games were shovelware, i said there are not for HARDCORE GAMERS,there is no Balance between Hardcore and Casual games on the Wii/DS...
ON THE PS2 There was a BALANCE my friend...
You should never point a Finger to someone that you dont know, I have HUGE respect for NINTENDO since the SNES era...but lately they have abondon games like ZELDA look at ZELDA Crossbow casual at best...
What happend to the EPIC franchises like ZELDA, STARFOX, KID ICARUS, and so on...

Mini Mario3298d ago

I must of made up those games i guesss lol

hmmmm yeh /sarcasim

Btw those were just some of many. But dont feel bad even the NES and SNES was out numbered 20 to 1 of crap to good ratio

Mini Mario3297d ago

It takes a long time to make a Zelda game. And the last one released was only a few years back. They dont pop them out like EA does. It would get repetitive. And for Kid icurus nintendo have hinted many times that a game is coming for it. If you do your research.

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fire233299d ago

Ehh didn't like the way the author came to the conclusions that they did, and here is why. I'll only discuss the PS3 for now though. First point they give the Natal, has a mic. Did they not notice that the wand uses the eye, which by the way has a mic.

Next point scan in items. Yes that might be a good idea for some, it still does not overcome the major problem of no physical feedback.

Last point, opinion. Then they give the Natal the nod?

ChozenWoan3298d ago

Ever watch an EyePet video? lol

PSEye is doing this today while Natal has yet to show it being done in a controlled demo... and E309 doesn't count as that was movie magic.

krouse933298d ago

Yea the author of the article seems to suffer from a severe case of disability because anyone with Eyes can see that the PSEYE has a HUGE MIC on it. And obviously the PlayStation Motion controller has a huge advantage over Natal for it's motion sensing and space tracking abilities to know where it and you are at in 3d space at all times.

DarkTower8053298d ago

The theory of Natal is nice, but to date we have yet to see any type of example that shows it might be fun.

Heck, the E3 demo of the PS "sphere" where they used it as a crossbow to shoot zombie skeletons blows anything that Natal has shown out of the water so far.

jmare3298d ago

This article is a farce. Wiimotes are in every system, Natal is not. The wand allows for feedback. All motion controls are bullshit because they are only used for casual games or tacked onto hardcore games. They need to develop games around the controls instead of developing games and shoehorning the controls onto the game.