Classic Game Room: Sony PSP Extended Life Battery Kit Review

"Classic Game Room HD reviews the Sony PSP Extended Life Battery Kit for the PSP series 1000, 2000 and 3000. This extended life battery kit comes with a 3.6 volt 2200 mAh extended long life battery for the PSP and 2 shell covers (replacement battery covers)."-Classic Game Room

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STONEY43294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

First time I've seen CGR on this site, considering he does a review nearly every 2 or 3 days.

Lord_Ranos3294d ago

Most of he's reviews are really good.

EpicGamerSwordsman3294d ago

Sub'd him on Youtube. He even does a RROD Review lol'z

Close_Second3294d ago the cover into the battery so it could potentially sit flush with the rest of the unit. I saw a documentary years ago where they could fashion batteries into almost any shape, i.e. the case of the cellphone was actually the battery.

HardcoreGamer3294d ago

spend around 10 quid on a psp battery than around 40 bucks. which is around 26 quid

i bought a psp battery from spitpod a while back and i alternate between my psp battery and my unnocicial battery which i get a total of 12 hours from using them both, as long as i have both charged i dont need to spend so much on the battery and im never away from my psp battery so much that i am unable to chage them

Rifle-Man3294d ago

Who is the reviewer?

I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts and his voice sounds very familiar.

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