Gameswire: Bayonetta PS3 vs X360 comparison

From Gameswire: "24 shots; pure-digital capture - the definitive comparison"

"Following on from lesser comparison galleries on other websites, where a few fuzzy, washed-out analogue-capture screenshots were compared, here's a 24-strong batch of proper screenshots for each version."

"Quality AND quantity."

"So when we say proper screenshots, we mean both versions were captured using direct-digital capture - what you see here are the exact frames generated by the consoles. No analogue degradation here."

"Our 360 is on 'Expanded' HDTV setting."

"Our PS3 is on full RGB with Super White set to on."

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deadreckoning6663297d ago

This is ridiculous, the 360 version looks almost night and day better.
If they knew they couldn't handle the PS3, then they've should't have done it.

thorstein3297d ago

compared the best quality pics from both. I never really thought of this as a "must have" game anyway. I think it will be mediocre at best (on both systems) and since the work on the PS3 is haphazard then it will be sub-mediocre.

Gameswire3297d ago

I found it a lot of fun when playing earlier.

You've got to be into this type of madness though, granted.

happyface3297d ago

wow the ps3 version looks terrible!

sunnygrg3297d ago

Sega should hand over the "ironing out" responsibilites to SCE and see miracles :]

table3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

they really arn't that much different. The 360 looks better because it has that shiney look that we usually see with these multiplat comparisons. I think gamers should take these comparisons with a grain of salt, I say gamers, I mean fanboys.

starvinbull3297d ago

Pretty clear cut that the PS3 version is much worse.

droid and bot3297d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

PS3 side looks a bit blurry

any way
if you are a PS3/PS3 ONLY owner
and you dont like what you see + dont like the game

head to GOW3 and GOW:CE

well TBH GOW3 looks leaps and bounds better than this

GOW in 1080P and 60fps ..... FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP

TheBlackSmoke3296d ago

Man some of you guys really need to understand the meaning of phrases like "night and day" and "superior" before you state your opinion as fact. If you have to do a side by side screenshot comparison in order to notice differences then those comments do not apply. Funny how the same people said theres no difference between ng2 and ngs2 when that was night and day.

Yes the 360 version looks sharper and the colours seem to be more saturated but in all honestly this is not a MASSIVE difference and in the end PS3 owners will still play and experience bayonetta no matter how much fanboys try to play it down.

Ps3 slim is on a crusade to prove the 360 is superior when the outcome of this game is down to the developer and not the PS3. Why do 360 fanboys keep going with the same tired mulitplat argument when games like uncharted 2 exist?

Information Minister3296d ago

Damn! You beat me to it... I was about to make the same comment about NG2 and NGS2.

Fanboy vision is really something isn't it?

commodore643296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

@ blacksmoke.

"Why do 360 fanboys keep going with the same tired mulitplat (sic) argument when games like uncharted 2 exist? "

.. because, for every ONE 'uc2', there exist about FIFTY inferior ps3 multiplats.

.. because said multiplats make up over 95% of regular gamer's libraries.

Pretty good reasons, imo.

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Glen953297d ago

...there are some area where it betters the 360 version. In some of the shots, her hair looks really jaggy on the 360 version, and looks great on the PS3.

Voice of Reason3297d ago

Yeah, you might be right there. I think the colors are a bit more subtle on the PS3 version as well, which I think looks a little nicer.

UncleJaysus3297d ago

What's weird is the cutscene shots on PS3 look as if they're lower res than in-game.

Drebin 9283296d ago

after playing the demo I know I won't even bother renting this game. I can handle sh*t graphics, cheesy vo, and nonsensical story, but all in the same game? No thanks platinum. It's 2009 and you need to seriously step it up. Rather put my cash on NGS2 till GoW3 comes and shows you what QUALITY is all about.

and this isn't a ps3 exclusive rant, the graphics in general suck

Fishy Fingers3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Certainly a difference, which, with all the news was obvious, but really, not as bad I was expecting. Or at least, not as bad as it will be made out to be.

DMC with side boobs.

Voice of Reason3297d ago

"DMC with side boobs"

And bare buttocks. Can't forget the buttocks.

gameangel3297d ago

Oddly the 360 shots do make it look like the PS3 version has Super White turned off, but, as the article says, it is actually on.

sack_boi3297d ago

Super White is only for Bluray movies and Full range RGB gives saturated blacks.

The_Devil_Hunter3297d ago

Hmph. Pathetic, dont take on what you cant handle.

PS3 slim3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Has more to do with the 360 team not holding back the game because of PS3 and the Sega team not being able to match the game with PS3's hardware.

3296d ago
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