Can Indie Games Keep Single Player Alive?

"It's no surprise that multiplayer is booming in the industry. It provides a unique experience that's very hard to copy from match to match due to the ability of other gamer's being able to adapt to your strategy. It's the ultimate "hunt" so to say. But this trend of supplying multiplayer in every major release has begun to have an unintended side effect; the dwindling experience of the single player. As more and more major titles hedge their bets that the multiplayer will be what sells their title we'll continue to see less single player games attached.

Normally, as an avid gamer who wants to be engaged in a story, this would worry me. Multiplayer is fun, but nothing can live up to the experience of a damn good story. I'm not worried, however, because I see the booming horizon of the indie gaming scene rising up to task to fulfill the single player void missing from more and more industry games."

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