Crackdown DLC Review

It's been months since we dismantled organized crime in Pacific City, and with the Halo 3 beta in full effect we wondered just how long it would be before we hocked our pristine copy of Crackdown on Ebay to feed our video game addiction. The folks at Realtime Worlds are a savy bunch. They won't let go of their customers that easily.

In fact, just to make sure there isn't a surplus of trade-ins at the local GameStop come mid-June, they gave us more addictive gameplay guaranteed to have us stomping crime with superhuman impunity for months to come. The drugs of choice: Free-For-All and Gettin' Busy Bonus Pack. These two doses of sinful downloadable pleasure are just what we've been aching for, and must-haves for any serious Crackdown fan.

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PhinneousD4265d ago

i downloaded the 800 point pack and i was a bit underwhelmed. the extra vehicles and weapons weren't the 'must have' i was expecting. if the 800 point dlc consisted of some new boss battles or a whole new island to explore, that's what i'm talking about. i wish i had my 800 points back. :-/