PSN Down For Maintenance

For those who were trying to sign in on your ps3, well your out of luck. The PSN is currently ongoing Maintenance to fix some bugs and improve connectivity.

Update: It seems to be working now, have fun playing :P.

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Shendow3297d ago

When was it down an how long? Because I been on almost all night (4am stop) an I been on it today.

dkblackhawk3297d ago

It was done for about a hour today at 8am my time(which is mountain time) and for the person who reported this...i submitted the article as soon as it kicked me off today.

Shendow3297d ago

Because one day my PS3 said on the top right hand corner that is was down, all I did was sign back in and I was online.

Oh well who cares, as long as Sony is working on it an making it better, who cares on how long or it being down.

That an good thing I got alot of games that work offline to.