Red Steel 2 : Wii MotionPlus Trailer

LiveWii writes : "Ubisoft delivers us today an all new trailer where we can see the use of the Wii MotionPlus in the game and also some of the attacks you can perform in it like the 360° one."

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FinalomegaS3349d ago

saw this and the motion plus looks great, Ubisoft really doing some justice with the tech.

I want Bushido Blade!

TrollSlayer3348d ago

This is looking like the best motionplus game so far. tho i really want to see more nintendo games for the thing. at the moment we only have span smasher and zelda wii

N4g_null3348d ago

Now the ha guys get to see what they where missing. I wonder if Kojima understands what is possible with this? It's nice to see real next gen game play from a3rd party.

Seriously the wii's game collect will end up being pretty damn good. Developers are just now getting to see the flaws in natal and sony's wiz wand .

Also it is nice that this game replicates stuff that only a pc fps could do and more!

Any one that doesn't know about this game or either trying to ignore it is lame!

Pure fun