Xbox Live Bantacular

Bungie is continually fighting the good fight to keep modders and jerks out of the Halo 2 online population (and now Halo 3) but we can all sleep easier at night knowing that the Xbox Live team has their own group of agents working towards the betterment of the online community.

Major Nelson and Gamerscoreblog posted reminders today that people who log onto Live using modified consoles are being dealt with. As more and more people pour into the Halo 3 Beta, please take this warning to heart. Using modified content and hacked boxes is against the Terms of Use for Xbox Live and doing so will result in your console being permanently banned from the service. Forever. For all games.

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toughNAME4195d ago

but im glad they finally did something

PhinneousD4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

good 4 gaming.

so this means, 100% of china can't get online now. lol

GameJunkieJim4195d ago

Play the games the way they were meant to be. Pay the premiums for the licensed hardware and support further development for more games.

I am SO happy. Been wanting them to ban by MAC for a long time. this is even better.

reaperxciv4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

phew! that's a lot of freed-up bandwidth...! boom shakalaka!

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