PSU: The Evolution of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

PSU writes: "Over the past few years, Activision's mammoth selling Call of Duty franchise has effortlessly cemented itself among the cream of the crop of World War II shooters, racking up plaudits its seamless blend of cinematic gameplay and gritty set pieces, sumptuous visuals and comprehensive online functionality. Following the release of Call of Duty 3, though, it became abundantly clear that a change was necessary in order to stimulate both sales and consumer interest in the series, a task which was ultimately appointed to long time franchise collaborator, Infinity Ward. As a result, in 2007, this talented bunch of coders decided to pack up their troubles, swap their kit bags for a pair of night vision goggles and – as the game's subtitle emphatically proclaims – distance itself from the tired and tested WWII formula. The result? Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare"...

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