Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - Updated v1.05 Patch Details

EA revealed that the v1.05 patch, coming late May, for its 3D sci-fi RTS will make major changes to the game experience overhauling a lot of the units, tweaking unit balance, exploits and bugs fixes. A few additional items were added since last mention.

Added items :

* It is no longer possible to stall an online multiplayer match by repeatedly pressing the Capture Screenshot hotkey.
* Fixed a team exploit in which the Nod Cloaking Field support power could be used to make infantry units inside of allied GDI APCs gain stealth.
* Fixed an error that caused some players to unexpectedly see the GDI campaign's alternate ending video instead of the intended ending video.
* On multi-monitor systems, the mouse cursor will no longer unexpectedly move from the gameplay monitor to another monitor as players scroll across the screen.
* Fixed an error that sometimes caused computer-controlled opponents to cease fighting after loading a saved Skirmish game.
* Fixed an error that sometimes caused players to unexpectedly select multiple control groups at once when rapidly switching between control groups.
* Online lobbies have been renamed.
* The Resources chart in the post-match screen now graphs total credits gathered over time. (as opposed to cash on hand)
* Added new visual effects for when walker husks are destroyed.
* Jeff Hua, Travell McEntyre, Ino Karella, and Jason Priest credited for additional art contributions.

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sorry guys this was suppose to be on PC not the Xbox 360 thread.

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Matchews4472d ago

dale is right

this patch is for the PC version and won't touch the 360?

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very sorry guys my mistake, i was sumitting this news at about 3am last night must have missed it, i will changed it now.


i cant change the section it is in, but i have put in the update this should be in the PC section not the Xbox 360 section.