Gamasutra Interview: Amanita Design's Jacub Dvorsky on His New Game Machinarium

Gamasutra: Jacub Dvorsky and his Czech company Amanita Design hit the global scene in 2003 with his critically acclaimed web game Samorost, but Dvorsky has actually been making games for the last 15 years, in spite of being only 30.

His new title, Machinarium, is due for release on PC some time in the next few weeks – a classic point and click adventure game starring a robot who must retrieve his girlfriend from an evil fiend. The world is well-realized, the visuals gorgeous, and the soundtrack arresting. I had the occasion to play through most of it at the Penny Arcade Expo, and during that time was disheartened to hear a number of bystanders struggle to define it.

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