Xbox Project Natal: 10 things you need to know

Full lowdown on Microsoft's motion-capturing game-changer...

Microsoft announced its latest bit of game-changing tech at this year's E3, with Project Natal being the talk of the show.

Indeed, TechRadar can't remember a new gaming technology that truly captured the imagination of gamers since Nintendo unveiled touch-control with DS back at E3 2004 and motion-control with Wii a year later in 2005.

So read on – you'll learn the 10 essential things you need to know about Microsoft's game-changing Project Natal.

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Droid Control3298d ago

11. It'll be overpriced. And a complete rip-off.

12. It won't appeal to real gamers and developers.

13. Its a gimmick that will flop after a year or so.

14. Nobody that has a Wii will suddenly buy a 360 for it.

15. You'll look like an idiot waving your piece in the air.

dustgavin3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

"requires no controllers at all and is instead controlled by body movements, gestures, speech and pretty much any object you care to wave around in front of the telly."

1. Why do people on here continue to talk about using Natal and a controller?

2. Sony put a patent on scanning objects not long ago.

jcgamer3298d ago

i'll tell you why..although MS will initially depend on their existing fanbase to support Natal, if MS is indeed going after the 60% who "never" play games, why would they have a new consumer have to learn what is a 360 AND Natal? in order to limit consumer confusion, they will put the technology under one brand..just because MS told its current fanbase that Natal will work with every 360 doesn't mean that Natal won't be a new brand altogether. Nintendo relied on Gamecube owners for initial Wii/Zelda sales