Fragland: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has most certainly succeeded in meeting the great expectations Fragland had for the game. It is a game where the whole exceeds the sum of all the individual parts. It perfectly knows how to combine humor, action, betrayal, amazement and various different gameplay elements all together into a mix with fireworks as a result. Beyond this Uncharted also contains a good multiplayer component which will add to the replay value. The game isn't perfect, but the small issues are obliterated by all the things that are good and do fit well together. Fragland has their Game of The Year this year, and if you look at the top games 2009 has had to offer so far, that is a huge compliment.

* Best singleplayer experience ever
* Sublime voice-acting
* Funny
* Pushes the graphics end as well

* Doesn't always grab what you want
* AI could've been a bit better

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snaz273482d ago

hell yeah! i think tho they have underestimated the multiplayer, put it this way i got a couple of die hard cod fans to play with me last night, both didnt even know uncharted 2 was exclusive lol, well anyway their verdict was the multiplayer is actually better than cod4!!! one is even considering trading cod in for this game! thats how much he loved it! all fanboyism aside i genuinely feel sorry for anyone that is unable to play this game! and in that sense this should be a system seller! not that ps3 doesnt have other awesome exclusives, as everyone who has one knows too well it does! But this is gonna top em all without a doubt! man why do i have to be skint! lol, its gonna be about 3 weeks till i get the funds... oh well atleast i will get it eventually, and i cant wait!!!

Syronicus3481d ago

What more could you ask for. I am going to be spending much time with this game next week!

xenogamer3481d ago

and uncharted one ( nvr got around to playing it) and hopefully DS, and some 30 dollar games dunno which ones.

gaffyh3481d ago

The multiplayer in this is sooooo good, better than Warhawk, which is a multiplayer only TPS.

Kakihara3481d ago

xenogamer, Buy Drake's fortune (Uncharted 1) very soon and give yourself time to play through it before you get this game. It's a good game and all but the main reason you need to get it is to set yourself up for this one. I really can't stress enough how important it is that you play the first one before this, from what I've heard the plot of this one barely mentions the first but playing through the first one will make you love the characters so much that every bit of this game's story will be that much better.

I'm anticipating this game not only because it looks really well made but because I miss the characters and want to find out what happens to them next. The only other games I've felt like that about are the Half life games. I'm not saying Drake's fortune had the most original plot or anything either, it's a tongue in cheek cliche pirate adventure but the characters are just so great you'd really be hurting your experience by not getting to know them through the first game before playing this one.

Immortal Kaim3481d ago

Can't wait till the 15th, I have my steel-book special edition on pre-order.

FrankDrebin3481d ago

By now folks, if you guys aren't convinced to go ahead and buy this game, then you have a serious problem!

This game is going to be Epic! A standout title for the PS3 that no gamers should miss. 360 fans, either buy a PS3 or rent/borrow one.

Uncharted 2 is that good!

Ravage273480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I'm 8 hrs into the SP and i've already tried some co-op with my buddies. I'm only stopping 'cause it's 2am+ here and i gotta get some sleep, not to mention that i hate rushing through games, especially for masterpieces like UC2.

7 words - All PS3 gamers buy this game NOW!

My mind is officially blown by what i've just played.
Get ready for this, it's going to be one hell of a ride :D

edit* the AI is perfectly fine imo, maybe coz i started on Hard? Oh as for 'Doesn't always grab what you want', yep it happens sometimes but it will occur less frequently once you get used to the game.

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bujasem_893482d ago

MAN what A FVCKIN awesome game and for those of u wondering its doble the last one i finished it in 12:50 everything was a BLISS

xcox3481d ago

this is the best single player in history... played 20hrs non stop... i'm still in shock... [email protected]!

guys, get yourselves some food, some drinks and some smoke and get ready for the ride of your life. it's like playing an [email protected] hollywood action movie... they pulled it off... i'm speachless...
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! naughtydog you guys are geniuses!

if you don't own a HDTV: go buy one NOW!
if you don't own a good surround sound system, get one NOW and crank up the volume, this is the best game audio you've ever heard

neonlight453481d ago

Tuesday can't come any sooner

nycredude3481d ago

Just picked up 2 copies from my secret NYC spot! WOOWOOWOO! The weekend just got way better!

solidjun53481d ago

I know that spot. My brother got his from there. It's in chinatown :)

Obama3481d ago

Will you get banned if you play the game early? lol

mrv3213481d ago

* Doesn't always grab what you want
* AI could've been a bit better

The A.I is still some of the best ever, only bettered by Killzone 2.

And as for the doesn't allways grab what you want, well that's fair enough, I've had it once in the beta and it turns out it was my fault.

jahcure3481d ago

By AI I think they refer to both sides of the coin. Friendly and enemy. The enemy AI in killzone is second to none but the friendly AI was as dumb as a sack of wine. I haven't played U2 as yet but I HOPE it's overall AI is better than killzone 2. Which was really one sided

Darkeyes3481d ago

@Jachure... Play Killzone 2 in offline bots mode with trooper/elite difficulty and then say friendly AI isn't smart... It actually feels like you are playing online.... Hope UC2 has better AI.

ottoman_2393481d ago

if the enemy AI is so smart why dont they dodge grenades?

moparful993481d ago

When I played through the single player of killzone2 on veteran the team mate A.I. didnt bother me until the latter stages.. Especially the assault on visaris palace and the final showdown... I was constantly having to run over and rez his ass... I finally got tired of it and just let him lay there begging me for help and finished radec off myself....

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