New Dante's Inferno Interview @ UGDB

In a recent interview with UGDB, Phil Marineau the Senior Brand Manager at Visceral Games is talking about pretty much everything related to Dante's Inferno:

"UGDB: One of the main problems of modern games is the unbelievably long loading times, which can be really annoying and frustrating for every player. Will Dante's Inferno have any such long loading times?

PM: There is no loading in the game! Dante wrote about this idea that you are always descending, you are always going down and we decided that we want to have that feeling in the game as well."

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MetalGearRising3294d ago

Dante's Inferno Makes God of War 3 look like last gen.

3294d ago
Lord_Ranos3294d ago

Poor MetalBOT you know that I can play Dantes Inferno and God of War 3 on my PS3 RIGHT??

And buiyng 1999

Ps3 games run a little more bad cause of the developers noob abilities to understand a true hardware. Remember were not in 2007. Stupid Bot.