Jay Wilson Interview: Diablo 3 Items continues to present excerpts from their exclusive interview with Diablo 3 Game Director Jay Wilson. Today's segment covers the items in Diablo 3. Jay talks about Monk-specific items, new item types, combat uses, and much more.

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Xulfxulf3295d ago

The Diablo 3 team always claims that they do itemization last, but they seem to have quite a bit done already, from all Jay had to say about it.

Leord3295d ago

Yes, they probably mainly say that so fanboys won't be pestering them for specific stats, as some attributes might change or be removed completely...

Xulfxulf3295d ago

jay was pretty evasive on the "any new item types" question.

- are there any new item types?
- yes

- besides the monk's fist weapons?
- no comment.

Leord3295d ago

Speaking with a low, husky voice and being evasive, what else does he do at Blizzard? :P

Leord3295d ago

Cool, I wanted to know more about items! :)

Leord3295d ago

Well, that's a bit harsh...

SCFreelancer3295d ago

The game already features lasers with the Wizard Disintegrate skill so maybe we are goin got see something similar in weapon form as well? ^^ I kind of hope not.

Leord3295d ago

What about weapons with spell charges? Would basically be a Laser gun then! :)

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