First White Knight Chronicles II screenshots released

SCRAWL: "Level 5 has released the first screenshots of White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness today, which we'll dub White Knight Chronicles II. There are a few screenshots from the trailer, then a few from a new area in the game, the Forest of Doubt."

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Chris3993299d ago

It looks stellar.

Give me the first game already please.

Raf1k13299d ago

Who is publishing the first one in the west? Is it just the US or is it coming to Europe too?

ZombieAutopsy3299d ago

most likely Sony will do the publishing, im sure itll make its way outside the US too probally not right away but you could always import.

blind-reaper3299d ago

good games everywhere, I almost feel like is the PS2 era again.

ravinash3298d ago

While their at it, can sony publish demon souls in europe please.
Both games are great and I need something like this.

meepmoopmeep3298d ago

yeah, i'd like the first one already.

i hope it's not released close to FFXIII though
i don't like to play two long RPG's at the same time frame

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sinncross3299d ago

nice improvement in the visual department!

Cant wait for the first to release in English!

Keowrath3299d ago

Up until now I've been really looking forward to the original. It's taken so long in coming out and with it's stellar reviews, Demons Soul has knocked WKS to the sideline for now.

Showing us info on the 2nd game when the original still hasn't been released (over here) has lessened my want even more =(

If I had an infinte flow of cash, that would probably be different but I don't so I'll have to wait and see what my finances are like when it FINALLY get's released. Hopefully the western version of the original will be realeased THIS GENERATION! =/

Sarcasm3299d ago

Wow exactly my sentiments.

I've been waiting for this game since 2007 since the first trailer. It's still on my PS3, but damn 3 years is too much.

Why the world does it take so long for english localization?

Oh well. *goes back to Demon's Souls*

Kain813299d ago

the sad thing is that it is not announced for EU SHlT

McLuvn3299d ago

Slow ass localization.
Can you imagine the uproar if FF took a year and a half to localize?

Sarcasm3299d ago

lol, by then FFXIII will be announced for the Xbox3 and Wii HD. Knowing Youichi Wada, he probably would do it too.

Redempteur3298d ago

all Main FF games took at least 10 months to cross the ocean ..

sad but true

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The story is too old to be commented.