Aion level cap reached in 17 days

Eurogamer: "It took two-and-a-half weeks for the first Western players of NCsoft's new MMO Aion to reach the level cap of 50 - and the race was a tie.

Almisaela and Drno, a Chanter and a Ranger, both playing on the Elysian side of the European Votan server, reached level 50 "within moments of each other" on Wednesday according to the AionSource forums (via Massively). It took the pair, members of the For The Harmony legion, 17 days since early access began on 20th September."

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KaL_D3389d ago


Now what.. make opposing faction characters and do it again to top off the first 30 days?

ThanatosDMC3389d ago

"How do you kill that which has no life?"

MelaDarkwood3389d ago

Hahaha! South Park is awesome! =D

siliticx3388d ago

Kenny was the first ever to play a human hunter before cataclysm!

Transporter473389d ago

just because they play MMO's that doesn't mean they have no life.... well maybe most of them don't but some do xD

Baka-akaB3389d ago

it's not playing mmos wich make them no life ... but the fact that they achieved than in such a short length . You just can't reach lvl 50 in Aion by playing the normal way in such speed .

Myze3389d ago

If anyone is playing the game, you would know there is no way to do this in 17 days without playing pretty much 24 hours a day, meaning it's almost guaranteed it was done by more than one person on a single character, so really it's like using a cheat code. Good for them, I guess. Think the highest person on the server I'm on is low 40's, and considering the huge amount of xp more needed each level, that's still a long grind to 50 (I'm 35 atm, and that's with a lot of free time in the last couple of weeks). Still though, this is to be expected in almost any MMO, and 17 days is still longer than most games take.

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The story is too old to be commented.