Magna Carta 2 Combat Walkthrough Trailer writes: "Banpresto and Softmax have released a new combat walkthrough trailer for their upcoming action-RPG, Magna Carta 2. The game is due out October 13th for the Xbox 360 and promises to feature over 40 hours of gameplay..."

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WildArmed3389d ago

ah, reminds me of FFXII.
Didnt like that game much. I still like the good old turnbased gameplay from FFX etc.

Looks like a neat RPG though. I gotta try it out.. once the stream of games i have stacked stop. Great time to be a gamer man! Awesome ps3 games awesome 360 games. RAWR I need more time to finish demons souls first! D:

Raoh3389d ago

could be good, I'm looking forward to playing it.. when is this releasing?