Kotaku: So How's that PS3 Bayonetta Demo?

As it's already been revealed, the lead platform is Xbox 360. Sure, Bayonetta is not the best looking game on the PS3, but it does not look as rough as many have claimed. Yes, graphics are slightly muddy and not as sharp as they should be, but it's not to the point of being distracting and should not be a deterrent on deciding whether to pick up the game or not.

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WildArmed3298d ago

I dont need bayonetta to be the Graphics showcase of my ps3. (uncharted 2 n K2 etc etc already have that covered!)
It runs great, plays great.. only a fool would pass up on the best action game this year! Cant wait to pick this up.

I'm not gonna punish myself just because OMGZ THE TEXTURES ARENT SO SHARP.

Looks beautiful on my HDTV, so I dont see a reason not to pick it up.

Highatus3298d ago

Wow, Kotaku proving my point from the comparison article. I am taken aback.

slave2Dcontroller3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Kotaku may be feeling generous towards this PS3 port but I'm not. Damn the screenshots comparisons, I JUST played the demo from the JP PSN store for myself and it was AWFUUUUL.

The frame rate is choppy and hiccups like hell and those textures are beyond muddy, they are piss poor sloppy and inexcusable. SEGA did a HORRIFIC job porting this ip and it sucks because I really dig the protagonist.

I wouldnt pay $20 for the PS3 version of this game and in all honesty I'd encourage that PS3 owners stand clear of it. Buying it only gives the nod for devs to think its ok to port utter bs to the PS3.


stonecold13298d ago

ps3 always gets gimped because of working on a title first the xbox if it was built up for ps3 would the xbox 360 really be capable of handling these games because of hte dvd 9 limitions anyway wont be buying not intrested if it was ported to ps3 i may had a look at buying but no i will not support these developers either