God of War III Demo Hitting Japan Before Rest of World

It's looking like Japanese gamers will have first access to the God of War III demo this fall.

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WildArmed3300d ago

'Sony will be using inFamous to help push the next entry of God of War.'
Really now?
I thought they were trying to sell inFamous via GoW3's popularity.

Either way, sounds good :)
inFamous was a great game and one of the best experiences I've had in 09

TheHater3300d ago

infamous is my second favorite game this generation behind Uncharted 1. MGS4 is special and its an all time top 5 favorite of mine :)

MattyF3300d ago

I think people will actually be excited about inFamous in Japan. This won't be like the whole Crackdown featuring Halo 3 thing.

nix3300d ago

i still haven't finished inFamous. am in the second city with 85% over... the first city drained me. finishing all the levels in the first city was longer than normal games we get.

Demo of GOW3 should be great.. but yeah.. it will be so short that we'll all be disappointed.

LordStig3300d ago

I finished Infamous about 3 days ago, what blew me away was the ending I was not expecting what was going to happen.

Hellsvacancy3300d ago

Yeah inFamous was GREAT i didnt think ill like it - goes 2 show wot u really know about yourself

Bring On God Of War

LONEWOLF2313299d ago

Will anyone else be logging in to the Japanese PSN when that releases???
I know i will. So much for them getting it first..........NOT unless they region lock it.

house3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

but i hope japan loves infamous i know i did one of the best games this gene in my veiw, well sandbox games for me

lucky japan and there god of war demo

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riksweeney3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Talking about God of War and the Japanese PSN, did anyone play the Bayonetta demo? Don't worry if you haven't, you're not missing anything :(

WildArmed3300d ago

Bayonetta demo was awesome.
Reminded me of how fun DMC is.
Actually was replaying DMC3 earlier today coz of bayo. Cant wait.

TheHater3300d ago

to be honest, my exception for this game was low. Its a good think I was not hype for this game because I would have been disappointed. While playing this game, everything remind me of DMC. Will be skipping this game when it comes out.

dreman9993300d ago

Played the xbox version. Way better than the PS3 version.

Sarcasm3300d ago

Played it, didn't like it. Although she's hot, I didn't like the gameplay.

Redempteur3299d ago

I encourage anyone to play the bayonetta demo on the jap psn Knowing it's far from being the final bluid ...

And the demo is quite fun , actually minus some UNoptimised moment that should disapear When the game ships

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ZombieAutopsy3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

suprising, i didnt think either GoW did very good sales wise in japan.

Really disagree's, i mean you could of just replied and said "It did very well and sold X number of copies"

LukaX233300d ago

i just shed a man tear

crck3300d ago

I'm starting to wonder if the God of War collection will really come out in November. Less then a month away and still no official screen shots and videos from Sony. Seems really strange.

ZombieAutopsy3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

heres some footage

EDIT: Ok i just re-read what you posted and you said "officail" so my bad but still their is footage of it.

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