Sprint Announces Samsung 'Moment' For November 1 Release

Android Guys:

Sprint has officially announced their second Android-handset, the Samsung Moment. Previously codenamed the InstinctQ, the Moment boasts an 800MHz processor in addition to some other healthy specifications.

Keeping with Sprint tradition, the handset comes loaded with Sprint Navigation, NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile. The Moment includes many of the popular Google apps such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube. Sounds like the full "With Google" experience to us!

The handset goes on sale Nov. 1, through all Sprint channels for $179.99 after a $50 instant savings, a $100 mail-in-rebate and a two-year service agreement.

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Myst3479d ago

Wow, just as I was looking to getting a new phone with sprint (got tired of the Rant). I was looking forward to the Exclaim, because everybody seems to say it's better than the Rant and the screen is bigger from what I've tested. Whether or not it will hold up to me and my life is up for speculation, but so far it looks interesting.

Now this phone doesn't look to bad, and I was always interested in the touch screen phones; and even after watching the video it is pretty much swaying me in the direction of getting one. Argh, for at least $100 (or so) more I could get it but at roughly $80 I could get the exclaim. Seems like an easy choice, but when it comes to getting the money seems tough..