Voltron blasting across the galaxy to defend the iPhone world

Pocket Gamer:

Voltron, in case you were one of those sad kids in the '80s who played outside and had a life and stuff, is one of those cult franchises that began life in Japan as one thing, then changed and evolved through its worldwide distribution and through the many liberties taken with its localisation.

It was based on the Japanese giant mech anime Hyakujuo Goraion, which was then politically chopped and and rejigged to create a more child friendly version for the prudish west - a technique which was previously employed to piss on Kagaku Ninja tai Gatchaman from a great height and water it down into Battle of the Planets. But now that those kids have grown up and sunk their teeth into the internet, the Voltron story is open to us, and much of its awesomeness has been restored.

To celebrate, Sony Pictures Entertainment is working on the first ever Voltron game (despite the series originating in 1981) for the iPhone (along with a host of other hot licenses).

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