Opinion: What If Nintendo Never Launched the Wii?

IndustryGamers writes:

"Nintendo has been dominating this console generation with the Wii. In terms of both sales and mainstream awareness, no other video game company has had such a dramatic turnaround in just a few years. While the GameCube was only slightly competitive with the PS2 and Xbox, it's been a complete reversal with the Wii. Now it's Microsoft and Sony who are trying to keep up with Nintendo.

By taking a different approach to the market with the Wii, Nintendo took a major risk, but it's a gamble that has paid off in spades. Can you imagine how different things would be right now for both Nintendo and the entire game industry had Nintendo gone down the same old path of more horsepower, better graphics? The impact of the Wii has been so massive that it's not only lined Nintendo's coffers with endless cash (to the point that they've been named top company in the world), but it's also completely overhauled the video game industry landscape.

Some may find this to be a pointless exercise, but we can't help thinking about what could have been. On the following pages we examine how very different the industry would be right now in this "alternate universe" in which Nintendo simply launched a GameCube 2."

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Goomba123386d ago

I also hate stories with multiple pages to click on. we know why you are doing it. This story has 10 pages which coudl have been made into 1.

Venomish3386d ago

they are desperate for hits. they make 1 article 10 pages. hits-whores

James Bond3386d ago

The world, I think, would be a much different place. Gabe Newell would've lost 250 pounds, Michael Jackson would still be alive and regained his former popularity with his comeback tour, Bill Gates would've got shot by an angry customer, and George Bush would've got hit by the shoe.

Yes, the world would've been a much better place.

Lord_Ranos3386d ago

Gabe Newell would've lost 250 pounds.


Sabre_G3386d ago

"What If Nintendo Never Launched the Wii?" Then there would be no Wii

ambientFLIER3386d ago

but what would become of the wii?

Razzy3386d ago

And they wouldn't be collecting dust under kids beds & in closets

asdr3wsfas3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I have a ps3 and wii. Here's my wii game times:

The conduit 140 hrs
No More Heroes 88 hrs
Mario Kart 78 hrs
SMG 68 hrs
Wii Music 61 hrs
HOTD 2 and 3 43 hrs
GHWT 41 hrs
Muramasa 27 hrs
Mario Strikers 25 Hrs
SSBB 20 Hrs
Wario Land 20 hrs
LEGO Star Wars 19 hrs
Madworld 17 hrs
Geometry Wars 12 hrs
EA Grand Slam Tennis 12 hrs
Wii Sports Resort 12 Hors
HOTD Overkill 12 hrs
Bikini Zombie Slayers 10 Hrs
Punchout 9 Hrs
Ghost Squad 6 Hrs
Umbrella Chronicles 5 Hrs

Cut off point here. I got my wii in May.

I just got metroid prime trilogy...add about 60+ for that too.

I've played my ps3 slim 20 hrs so far. I love the system, but I like the wii old school gaming more..

N4g_null3386d ago

Oobob your so on point the casual core are really having a hard time bring entertIned this gen. I think they are most fustrated by the fact that these console developer are not really pc developers.

What is more interesting is we all though that console developers would be untouchable with HD specs yet it only resulted in them making games for people that should buy a pc.

We also get to see how powerful Sony really is with outblind 3rd party support. This is very similar to what happened to snk and nec yet if nec would have survive thegolden age I would be pretty happy. It is almost as if the fads have ran out for Sony. Without a real formate to push sony's console they are dead in the water.

Another thing is nintendo forgot how to make games for every once the n64cameout but that canalso be blamed on the transition to 3d. If you notice the virtual console is a main draw tothe wii for the older hardcore.

What is sad is ms nore Sony have a lagacy that true console gamers canget excited about, the main problems are too much pr not enough challenge, the quality of art has fallen into a rut also along with the game play.

Nothing beats 2d art right now but we are working onchanging this.
The problem with the wii lies in the hands of the publishers.

The key thing about hardcore gaming is it exsist in all forms of systems .

asdr3wsfas3385d ago

hell yeah scissor, my thoughts exactly. ps3 is cool but the games are so sparse. i got it for blueray (my tivo cpu replaced my dead main cpu...radeon is spent) and the titles I like are games like little big planet and 2d fighters that I could play on pc. warhawk is a big deal. though I did get a fragfx ps3 mouse so i can beast ps3 kiddies in their fps of choice ;)

there's very little I want for the ps3, littlebigplanet and katamari and blueray are why i got the system. fight night too.

but now i'm playing conduit and muramasa (waiting on spawn glitch, haha). cause i am willing to put up with this since i can headshot so well with a wiimote and pistol. and muramasa is incredible. i made my gf bring over her ps2 so i can try odin sphere and grim grimoire...

you recommended batallion wars a bit ago and I just got it but love it! I used to play myth the fallen lords and myth II for pc...bungie games before they joined the evil empire. i love it!

as it stands I have about 10 wii games coming out by jan i want. for ps3 i wanna try demon souls...may not keep it as i don't like artificial challenges. and fallout 3 cause my pc is dead for a bit and i don't have time in law school to fix it.

I played lair and I have to say hd gamers have no idea what they're talking about. It is by far the best single player game on their system and the motion controls are ezmode. I have a friend with a ps3 who rarely games...he also thinks this "lord of the dorks" hardcore crap killed an awesome game.

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theEnemy3386d ago

millions and millions of people probably saved alot of money or bought something better.


cheapndirty3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Then Sony would not have had to spend millions on R and D as well as marketing to bring out motion control.

MS would not have had to buy the company that held the patents to the 3d technology behind Natal.

You know what they say. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

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