PSA: Don't download your PSP Go Rewards games to your PS3

What's worse: "upgrading" to a PSP Go knowing you won't get any kind of reward for (effectively) giving up access to your UMD collection, or thinking you'll get some bonus games and then having them snatched away at the last second, Charlie Brown-style?

Ask these PlayStation forum users, who discovered that a kink in the DRM for the free European rewards program games meant that downloading the games to a PS3 before copying them to a Go invalidated the licenses. In short, if you download your free games to a PS3 first, you will have not free games, but free large, useless files.

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forcefullpower3299d ago

I find it funny that sites where whining about N4G the other day. Read some of the idiots comments on that site.

Some people really need to get a life.