Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands In Development?

YourEMGN Writes: "Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Is this another addition to the very long running and highly famous Prince of Persia series? According to the game character developer and the series creator, it definitely is."

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Madusha3297d ago

Hope this isn't a lie, Prince of Persia has always been one of my fave game series's. I just don't want them to go back to that cartoony style they used.

BISHOP-BRASIL3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

The "cartoon" (It's drawn, but is it cartooned?) style was ok by me, they could rethink the enemy designs through, way too generic.

What really hope they re-think is all that easy/assisted jumping (way too easy) and the combat moments...

The combat itself was good and diversified, but we need more chances to use it (like more enemies in random places, instead of between each garden in a cage only, more than one enemy each time is a must! Just make it like POP3, getting enemy sword and stufff too), wiser enemies, and less sumo 'pull it of the ring' thing.

xabmol3297d ago

I really loved the art design in the last game. ...just hope the platforming is more 'open.' I call the last PoP a glorified QTE. Because, while it was fun, it was way too linear/scripted.

X_iGame_X3297d ago

When I first saw it, my thoughts were 'WTF have they done with the graphics??'

Madusha3297d ago

It still remained a great game.

RJ920093297d ago

i bet you borrowed that game from a friend .what was his name did he move to LA?

VMAN_013297d ago

To be honest I kinda liked that style since it was pretty unique for the series and still maintained a mature tone.

miasma3297d ago

I loved the new art style, it felt fresh. I am happy and hopeful this new entry is true.

Rocket Sauce3297d ago

The cel shading is awesome. It looks like you're actually playing an animated movie.

This news just made my day. Prince of Persia was the best 20 bucks I ever spent, and I'll gladly throw down 60 for this on day one.

NeoCloud3297d ago

The Last POP game was ok, I just hope they improve the combat etc.Do you guys think the graphics should stay cell-shaded ???

Perjoss3297d ago

I loved the art style, and overall i loved the game, but I hope they tweak the gameplay for any sequels as 90% of the game felt like one big quicktime event and too easy really, didnt feel like much skill was needed for the acrobatics, compared to sands of time, not that was a great game, probably the best in the series.

Raf1k13297d ago

If Assassin's Creed 2 turns out to be great then I'm sure Ubi will also be able make big improvements on this game over the previous PoP.

Redempteur3297d ago

The last prince of persia graphic style was great really ..i had doubt at first but in motion it's fine .
BUt the battles ... What happenned ?sure they just remplaced the game over screens by something else BUT WHY ?
This change isn't great i hope they go back on this .

And no True ending DLC please

Lucreto3297d ago

I loved all the Prince of Persia games. I loved the last one and I hope for a new one.

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The story is too old to be commented.