Most Controversial Games of 2009 (so far)

GameDaily writes: "Every year, parents, politicians and other would-be good Samaritans condemn controversial games, trying to block their release due to violence, sex or other questionable content that would otherwise be bad for children. With that, we present the 2009 class of controversial, ten games that have drawn plenty of unwanted attention."

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house3296d ago

look i respect all the solders who have died for that i owe them every thing to them, but really when im playing a game i dont think haha i died like your son like the lady thinks we do, if this were a movie no one would be saying anything but since its a video game every one freaks out the guy making the game even said he wants to show what happend out there just like if it were a movie hence the word video game. this really needs to stop already

sikbeta3296d ago

Its hypocrisy, in a movie you can see a body blown up flesh and bones everywhere, but in game is BAD, how could be good in a movie and bad in game, lack of sense

ZombieAutopsy3296d ago

I think the main reason for it is because the media still see video games as something only kids play which is stupid but i guess thats what happens when people dont actually research things before they start sh1t.

Me personally thought if i was going to make a game i would try to make it as controversal as possible though to get some free advertising.

TenSteps3296d ago

dude thanks for reminding me the whole Mass Effect controversy or lack thereof, people who start sh!t without researching really makes me laugh.

GWAVE3296d ago

Halo ODST should be #1 on that list...

It's the biggest instance of franchise-milking we've seen this generation, and THAT should be a controversy we all pay attention to.

Alcon Caper3296d ago

@house - the lady obviously has a very low opinion of games and of gamers. maybe she doesn't support the game because it would be a popular reminder of what happened to her son, something that she's wanting to forget. I think it's personal with her and she justifies opposing it through stereotypes of gamers, which we know aren't necessarily true.

one of the most affecting moments that i've ever experienced in gaming is during the ending credits of MGS2, where it's crowds of people walking through the streets. applying the message of the game to the reality of everyday life...not just gamers, but everyone... makes you think really hard.

ReservoirDog3163295d ago

It's all part of the games industry growing and maturing. Movies, books and music; they all went through this time. In time, all this controversy will pass. It'll take awhile though.

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ZombieAutopsy3296d ago

ha feminists mad about fat princess, what about the boomer on left 4 dead...i really feel bad for him.

Redempteur3295d ago

The only things that REALLY annoy feminists about Fat princess is the fact that the princess are getting thinier if they stop eating cake.

That's what i think really

lizard812883296d ago

that makes no sense what so ever. he's been in like all the movies, and sets up these settings. it would be like having a game called super mario bros, but mario wasn't in it.