Anaylsts Predicting PS3 to Top September

IGN Writes: "The PlayStation 3 price drop and slimmer hardware revision appear to have given Sony its much needed sales boost the company has been striving for over the past couple years.

Analyst Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan Securities released his monthly sales preview this morning. He's projecting the PlayStation 3 will come out on top over Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii consoles for the first time in a long time."

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Whut3299d ago

those guys get paid to predict that type of stuff? even my little sister who's not into gaming would have guessed the same if she knew that there was a new PS3 SLIM model for 299.99.

zeeshan3298d ago

I'll be happy to do all their work for half of their monthly salary cuz I know I'd still make a bundle without doing anything!

ultimolu3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Lol, no kidding.

Even a chimpanzee could have told you that. Silly analysts.

awful3299d ago

Thanks captain obvious!

ForROME3298d ago

They couldnt hit water if they fell out of a fing boat

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