GameSpot: Borderlands Updated Hands-On

Borderlands is the upcoming first-person shooter/role-playing hybrid game from Texas-based studio Gearbox. It puts you in the role of a freelance bounty hunter in search of the treasure hidden in an ancient vault on a mostly deserted mining planet. But as you make your way through the world of Pandora, recovering more-powerful weapons and gaining experience levels by fighting off scavengers and the local wildlife, you come to understand that the job you're on isn't going to be as simple as waltzing right into the vault and walking off with the goods--and that you're not just up against a few crazy bandits, either.

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Sitris3387d ago

Preordered and super hyped for this game, anyone who wants to add me to play co-op please do as i will be playing it alot haha.

Probably my most hyped game in recent history, maybe even ever. Sorry metal gear you have been beaten lol

PSN ID: Sitris

be a gamer not a hater

umair_s513387d ago

My most anticipated game of the year! I'll add you soon.

Myst3387d ago

I don't know if I should add or not, I'd basically be going back and forth between this and Demon's Souls, but I think I will. Can't wait to get my hands on this game either :D just have to pay off the rest of it now.